Hydre-MAC Radial Piston Motor


A powerful high speed, low torque hydraulic motor built to go the distance

Eaton’s Hydre-MAC™ is a low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive, radial piston motor – featuring a cam lobe design – for variable speed applications that use less energy to deliver more power when needed. The Hydre-MAC radial piston motor can deliver 900kW of power and up to 280,000Nm of torque at max pressures of up to 350 bar all while delivering over 94% efficiency. With a symmetrical, 18-piston/roller assembly design that eliminates side loading, and two inlet/outlet ports that reduce pressure drop at high power, the Hydre-MAC radial piston motor generates less heat and experiences less wear and tear.

Product Features

  • Eight cam lobes provide 144 power strokes per revolution, delivering class-leading, low-speed performance
  • Symmetrical design with 18-piston/roller assemblies ensures even loading of all components to reduce wear
  • Flame-hardened cam delivers long-lasting motor reliability
  • Load bearing surfaces on the Hydre-MAC radial piston motor are serviceable, including the stainless steel shaft seal wear ring, piston seal and bearing pad
  • Based on the same principals as the partially discontinued Hagglunds Marathon Motor and developed in partnership with MacTaggart Scott, the Hydre-MAC motor is direct, drop in replacement for the Marathon motor.  It uses the same shaft and mounting hardware, making switching costs a non-issue during replacement

Technical Information

  • Displacement: 12,000 cc/rev to 50,000 cc/rev
  • Power: up to 900kw
  • Max. Pressure – 350 bar
  • Rated Torque – 280,000Nm
  • Overall Efficiency: >94%


Created using a MacTaggart Scott heavy-duty motor design, the Hydre-MAC radial piston motor combines MacTaggart Scott’s motor expertise with Eaton’s extensive industry knowledge, and is ideal for offshore, marine, metal recovery, mining, pulp & paper and off-highway stationary applications
  • Offshore – Winches, Thrusters, Mud Pump Drives
  • Marine – Winches, Top Drives, Cutter Head Drives
  • Metal Recovery – Shredders, Feeders, Conveyors
  • Mining - Apron Feeders, Conveyors, Kiln Drives, Stacker/Reclaimer, Feeder Breakers, Crushers
  • Pulp & Paper - De-Barker, Pressure Feeders, Chemi-Washers, Conveyors
  • Off-Highway - Directional Drills, Large Trenchers, Dragline Winches, Road Prep Grinders

Featured Literature

Success Stories:

Hydre-MAC™ low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive radial piston motor
Eaton's Hydre-MAC radial piston motor keeps Tolko's Kraft paper operation running smoothly.

Hydre-MAC Radial Piston Motor Brochure
Setting the standard for power, performance and reliability, Hydre-MAC motor is perfect for a variety of applications, from offshore and marine to mining, metal recovery and more.

Hydre-MAC Radial Piston Motor Technical Brochure
Product specifications and dimensions with cross reference.

Hydre-MAC Radial Piston Motor Catalog Catalog includes product specifications, performance data and dimensions

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