JMV Track Drive Motor

Track Drive Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Dowmax Axial Piston Motor

The compatible and innovative design of the JMV Track Drive motor provides lower power losses, increased mechanical and volumetric efficiency and smoother acceleration and deceleration in a wide variety of machine applications.

Common applications include excavator and mini excavator, crawler crane, winch, combine harvester, windrow turning, rotary drilling, horizontal directional drilling, paver, asphalt milling and special crawler vehicle.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Need a more compact design, which includes high power density, increased start-up torque and efficiency, and smooth starts and stops
  • A track motor that provides auto-shifting capability from high-speed, low-torque, to Low-Speed, High-Torque (LHST) and vice versa
  • Flexibility to fit most common installation requirements

Product Features

  • Higher mechanical and volumetric efficiency helps reduce power loss
  • Improved design for higher start up torque and overall efficiency
  • Optimum design ensures smooth start/accelerate and decelerate/stop
  • Compact design with high power density
  • Auto-shift from high-speed low torque to low-speed high torque at high travelling resistance
  • High performance and reliability, high market acceptance with over half million units in the field
  • Compatible fit for most popular installation requirements in the market

Technical Information

ME Series
  • Integrated gearbox with 2-speed Axial Piston Motor
  • Rated pressure up to 365 bar
  • Displacement: 16cc ~ 274cc
  • Suitable for 1.5 ton ~ 50 ton mobile applications
  • Integrated Relief and Counterbalance valves
  • Integrated fail-safe mechanical Parking Brake

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Eaton's JMV swing drive motors are compact design with integrated reduction gear and multi-functioning valves. With more than a half million units in operation today, our motors optimized design helps reduce power loss, ensure smooth starting and stopping and improve overall mechanical efficiency of the application.

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Eaton Track Drive and Swing Drive Motors to Improve Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs on Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc. 7.5 Ton Crawler Excavator


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