X20 Series Piston Pumps

X20 Series Open Circuit Hydraulic Piston Pump

X20 Series Open Circuit Hydraulic Piston Pump

Superior reliability and productivity in a compact package.

The Eaton X20 portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps meets the demands of mobile equipment engineers and operators looking for greater power density. The reliability and productivity of these small, lightweight pumps makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of medium-pressure mobile applications.

Common applications include sprayers, combines, harvesters, windrowers, snow removal trucks, refuse trucks, fire trucks, salt spreaders, crane/winch, telehandlers, aerial lifts, railcar movers, wheel loaders, mini excavators, backhoe loaders and crawler/dozers in the agriculture, commercial vehicle, material handling and construction segments.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Need for increased pressure responsiveness that results in immediate steering response to the machine
  • Consistent flow stability throughout shifts in pressure
  • More control options (than standard gear pumps) to further drive machine efficiency
  • Need for more efficient cooling and fan drive system to help meet Tier 4 emissions standards

Product Features

  • Keep operations up and running
    • Robust, simple design with fewer parts
    • Unique control piston design that minimizes friction Long bearing life
    • Case to inlet check valve to reduce pressure spikes and protect the shaft seal
  • Maximize power for a more efficient pump
    • Low pump stand-by pressure (~150 psi) enables energy savings by reducing heat generation and wasted flow
    • Optimized valve plate design
    • Bronze shoe design that stands up against contamination
    • Compact package size to fit with Tier 4 engine requirements
  • Get the job done faster
    • Fastest response and recovery times in the market
    • High horsepower capability
  • X20 controls offering
    • Pressure Control limits outlet pressure to a set maximum
    • Load Sense limits outlet pressure to a set margin above load pressure
    • Cold Start forces pump to near-neutral when electrical current is applied
    • Torque Control limits pump torque to a set maximum
    • Remote Pressure Control limits outlet pressure proportional to signal pressure. It's ideal for applications where frequent system pressure adjustment is required due to workload requirements.
    • Electronic Inverse Proportional Pressure Control (Fan Drive Control)
    • Electronic Proportional Pressure Control limits outlet pressure proportionally to signal current
    • Electronic Displacement Control varies the swash angle proportionally per the electrical signal current

Technical Information

X20 Technical Information


220 Series
Eaton’s X20, incredibly compact 220 series includes the 28cc displacement and features load sense control that helps increase productivity and efficiency in trucks, tractors, buses and more.

420 Series

Maximize power density with the compact but powerful 420 series pumps from Eaton for hydraulic applications with constrained space requirements. The 420 series includes 41cc, 49cc, 62cc, and 80cc displacements.

620 Series

The 620 series includes the 74cc and 98cc displacements and is built to meet flow requirements of even the most rigorous and demanding medium-pressure mobile applications.

Featured Literature

Success Stories:

Blueline Blueberry Harvester
Eaton’s hydraulic system reduces harvest loss by up to 50 percent for Blueline Manufacturing Company.

Sewer Equipment
Eaton's X20, 420 series pumps provided the control options the customer needed and Eaton and DTS Fluid Power's customer service worked to deliver a prototype very quickly.

Shuttlewagon Inc.
Switching to Eaton’s X20, 420 series piston pumps provided needed power in a compact, durable and cost-competitive manner.
X20 Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Brochure

X20 Brochure
Brochure includes a high-level overview of each of the series in the portfolio and the available options for each.

X20 Controls Brochure
220 Series Piston Pump Catalog

220 Series Piston Pump Catalog
Utilizing the latest developments in hydraulic pump technology, the 220 is specifically designed for low flow, high pressure applications.

420 Series Piston Pump Catalog
Eaton’s 420 Series mobile pumps are open circuit, axial piston designs with displacements of 41cc, 49cc, 62cc, and 80cc for operating speeds up to 2,650 rpm.

620 Series Piston Pump Catalog
Utilizing the latest developments in hydraulic pump technology, the 620 is specifically designed for moderate flow, high pressure applications. Currently available in 74cc (4.54 in3) and 98cc (5.98 in3) displacements, the 620 is rated for 280 bar making it the ideal pump for an array of different mobile and stationary applications.
X20 Series Hydraulic Piston Pump Service Manual

X20 Webinal

On-Demand Webinar: When to Upgrade Controls on Mobile Open-Circuit Piston Pumps

The hydraulics industry is moving to smarter components and systems. This presentation explains when it makes sense to upgrade the controls on your hydraulic open circuit pump. Attendees will learn when to customize a pump with more efficient controls and discover how different control options will positively impact a machine's performance.

Configure Product

Find the exact product configuration that meets your needs with the Eaton product configurator. The configurator allows easy manipulation to create a product that meets your specifications from end-to-end.

Click here
to configure the 220 Series
Click here to configure the 420 Series
Click here to configure the 620 Series

Additional Information

Fuel Savings Calculator for mobile machinery
This online tool is a basic calculator to help you compare the potential benefits of using different common hydraulic system architectures. Using information about your application, such as pump type, maximum operating conditions and pressures, and the duty cycle of your machine, this calculator will help you compare potential fuel savings and carbon dioxide emissions between two systems.



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