Series 20 Steering Control Unit

Series 20 Steering Control UnitIdeal for both rigid frame and articulated vehicles, Eaton’s Series 20 Steering Control Unit is the perfect choice for smooth, precision steering in trucks, transporters, tractors and more. With a high capacity Gerotor, a thicker sleeve design, and proven Eaton technologies like Q-Amp®, Wide Angle and VersaSteer, these compact Steering Control Units give operators the low-effort steering feel they want and engineers the reduced system costs and space requirements they need.

Product Features

  • Symmetrical valving increases balance for precise servo response and uniform steering action/li>
  • Integrated valves and load-sensing capabilities and match performance to load requirements/li>
  • Seal and centering spring designs deliver positive, low-effort steering feel and excellent vehicle control/li>
  • High-capacity Gerotor provides ample fluid displacement/li>
  • Thicker sleeve design ensures stability, especially under pressure- and thermal-transient conditions

Technical Information

  • Max System Pressure 241 bar (3500 PSI)
  • Max Back Pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)
  • Max System Operating Temperature 93°C (200° F)
  • Rated Flow 95 l/min (25 GPM)
  • Max Flow 125l/min (33 GPM)
  • Max Differential Between Steering Unit and System Temperature 28°C/50°F
  • Input Torque
    • Powered – 1.1-2.8 Nm @ 6.9 bar back pressure (10-25 lb-in @ 100 PSI back pressure)
    • Non-Powered 136 Nm (100 lb-ft)
  • Fluid - See Eaton Technical Bulletin 3-401
  • Recommended Filtration - ISO 18/13 cleanliness level


  • Rigid Frame Vehicles
    • Front End Loaders
    • Large Graders
    • Mining Trucks
    • Transporters
    • AG Tractors
  • Articulated Vehicles
    • Loaders
    • Scrapers
    • Skidders
    • AG Tractors
    • Dumpers
    • Sprayers
    • Forestry Equipment


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Additional Information

Steering Sizing Calculator – Enter your information on this online steering sizing calculator tool. Calculations given are guidelines only and need to be verified by the manufacturer.

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