XCEL 45 Steering Control Unit

XCEL_45_Steering_UnitGet smooth, reliable steering in a variety of sizes and options with XCEL 45 steering control units from Eaton. Including open center, load-sensing capabilities and six integrated valve options—manual steering, check, inlet relief, inlet check, cylinder relief, load sensing relief and anti-cavitation—the XCEL 45 steering control unit provides operators with the steering experience they want, and engineers with all of the varied configurations they need.

Product Features

  • Features an open-center design and load-sensing capability
  • Includes integrated valve options: manual steering, check, inlet relief, inlet check, cylinder relief, load sensing relief and anti-cavitation


  • Minimizes steering linkage—reduces cost, provides flexibility in design.
  • Provides complete isolation of load forces from the control station—provides operator comfort.
  • Provides continuous, unlimited control action with very low input torque.
  • Provides a wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes.
  • Can work with many kinds of power steering pumps or fluid supply.


Technical Information

Max. system pressure: 190Bar
Max. back pressure: 21Bar
Rated flow:
  50 - 125cc/r: 7.5- 15LPM
  160 - 250cc/r: 15- 30LPM
  320 - 500cc/r: 30- 45LPM
Input torque:
  Powered standard: 1.7-2.8Nm
  Powered low torque: 1.3-2.2Nm
  Non powered: 136Nm
 Max. system operating temperature : 93 ° C
 Max. differential between steering unit and other system temperature: 28 ° C
 Fluid: ATF Type A and most petroleum based fluids
 Recommended filtration: ISO 18/13 cleanliness level


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Additional Information

Steering Sizing Calculator – Enter your information on this online steering sizing calculator tool. Calculations given are guidelines only and need to be verified by the manufacturer.

Configure Product

Find the exact product configuration that meets your needs with the Eaton product configurator. The configurator is easy to use and helps you create a product that meets your specifications from end-to-end.



XCEL 45 steering unit receives a 2014 Gold Award from the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAAMM).

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