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Smarter. Faster. Easier. AxisPro® Proportional Valves from Eaton.

AxisPro Servo Performance Proportional Valve In today's competitive environment, manufacturers need to build machines that maximize efficiency, reliability and throughput for their customers. And they're developing smart machines to do it.

As part of our advanced class of Pro-FX ReadyTM products, AxisPro hydraulic valves out-perform traditional valves by offering innovative design with intelligent controls and onboard diagnostics built right into the valve. This eliminates the need to order and integrate them, which makes the entire system easier to set up, commission, tune and troubleshoot.

AxisPro proportional hydraulic valves are quick and easy to configure, allowing changes to be made in real time, giving you the flexibility to create custom solutions for the most sophisticated, demanding applications. Three levels of control are available – from basic onboard electronics for traditional applications, to onboard motion control that increases dynamic performance and simplifies PLC requirements, to additional built-in pressure and temperature functionality that make it faster and easier to get a system up and running.

AxisPro hydraulic valves help you get the best, most efficient system performance possible – while saving time, energy and money – helping you stay ahead of the curve, and the competition.

Features and Benefits

Intelligent design improves efficiency, reliability and productivity – giving you a competitive edge

  • Onboard electronics provide increased configurability – offering scalability, precise programmability and reduced latency
  • Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform – developed in response to industrial manufacturing trends towards smarter machines
  • Reliability in harsh environments – best-in-class ambient temperature rating (85C), and dirt and moisture ingress protection
  • Replaces need for multiple components – because valve itself is programmable to control motion sequencing
  • Intelligent onboard electronics provide real time data useful for predictive health monitoring, diagnostic and prognostics, and custom applications

Complete flexibility to create custom solutions for any motion control application

  • Open architecture design – provides greater freedom in creating custom solutions to fit exact specifications
  • Easy set-up – Eaton’s Pro-FX Technology Platform makes it easy to set up, commission, tune and troubleshoot
  • Centralized and distributed control options – provide flexibility for every application
  • Compatible and configurable – works with most systems and helps optimize valve availability and inventory levels
  • Distributed control architecture provides scalability – additional nodes can be easily added to accommodate additional power generation equipment
  • Three levels of control – to meet the demands of a wide range of applications

Features that let you produce more with less

  • Built-in motion control – integrates easily into distributed control architecture, reducing wiring and machine build time, and increasing uptime
  • Ideal for harsh environments – able to withstand exposure to high temperatures, and dirt and moisture, decreasing downtime and maintenance
  • Onboard motion control integrates with cost-effective, networked control systems – boosts machine cycle time
  • Reduced latency, with shorter control loop time – provided by embedded systems
  • Use in a variety of applications – lets OEMs stock fewer valves, reducing inventory

Eaton-certified experts that offer end-to-end service and support.

  • More partners in more regions growing network of certified integrators ensures there’s local service and support almost anywhere you need it
  • World-class assembly and system design – our expert integrators are trained to help with everything from specifying and prototyping to assembly and commissioning, so you can focus on other areas of your business
  • Eaton-certified and Eaton-standardized – every integrator partner is regularly certified and standardized by Eaton, ensuring they’re up to date on the latest products, practices and safety guidelines

Common applications include die casting and foundry, machine tooling, marine and offshore, pressse, primary metals, plastics, pulp and paper, test equipment and simulation, turbine control (wind, steam, water), wood processing and many more.

Technical Information

AxisPro Proportional Valves
  • Size 3    40 lpm  @ 1000 psi (70 bar) 60 lpm max
  • Size 5     100 lpm @ 1000 psi (70 bar) 135 lpm max
  • Size 8     375 lpm @ 145 psi (10 bar) 950 lpm max
  • Max pressure 5000 psi (350 bar)
  • Ambient temperature range -25C to 85C (single stage, sizes 3 and 5)
  • Ambient temperature range -25C to 70C (two stage, size 8)
  • IP 65 & 67 ingress protection rating

All current (and previous) software releases for Pro-FX Control and Pro-FX Configure can be located in the Software Download center.

Featured Literature

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Technical Guides:

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Articles & White Papers

AxisPro Servo Conversion Instructions White Paper
By Per Danzl, PhD

Six steps to converting a Servo performance valve to the AxisPro Proportional valve.  These instructions include charts and visuals to help you move towards a smarter machine.

How Dynamic Machine Control opens a smarter future with industrial valves – A Deep Dive
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Dynamic Machine Control (DMC) is the design paradigm that uses today's cutting-edge technologies to help build the smarter machines of tomorrow. DMC for fluid power applications includes major advances in industrial control valve technology, such as embedded controllers, sensor interfaces, software configurability, network communication capabilities, and real-time diagnostics.

What makes an Industrial Machine Smart?
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Smart machines mean different things to different people – there is a long, varied list of what makes an industrial machine smart, and none of it is truly right or truly wrong. However, there are key features that machine owners and operators agree make a machine smart.

4 Ways Dynamic Machine Control is Changing the Future of Industrial Valves
By Per Danzl, PhD

Eaton valves, like the AxisPro proportional industrial valve, are changing the face of industrial control one application at a time. Design engineers are using embedded systems (valves with advanced control modes and network capabilities) to bring control much closer to the action.


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