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From primary metal, wood and paper processing to plastics, manufacturing and more, SX4 servo valves from Eaton are the perfect solution for closed-loop control applications. They give systems exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity and predictable force, and torque regulation, outperforming the competition in even the most demanding closed-loop applications.

Common applications include presses, primary metals, plastics, pulp and paper, test equipment and simulation, turbine control (steam), and wood processing.

Product Features

  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fit almost every application
  • Jeweled feedback ball receiver virtually eliminates wear
  • Includes highly accurate control profiles
  • Durable, jeweled orifices greatly extend valve life
  • Integral filter provides extra protection from contamination

Technical Specifications

  • Rated pressure up to - 350 bar/5000 psi
  • Rated flow up to - 151 LPM/40 GPM
  • Function - positioning, speed, and pressure
  • Size - SM4/10 - 40; SX4/20

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