CLS Load Sensing Sectional Mobile Valve

CLS Valve – Power to Design, Engineer and Build
CLS Load Sensing Sectional Mobile Valve

Introducing a load-sensing valve that eliminates compromise. With market-leading features like priority flow sharing and patented load sense bleed-off, the CLS Load Sensing Sectional Mobile Valve gives you the power to prioritize work functions, improve machine efficiency and enhance performance like never before. Plus, the CLS valve is highly modular and offers one of the smallest envelopes in the industry, giving you the flexibility to build the machine you've always wanted to build – without compromise.

Common applications for the CLS valve include but are not limited to multiple sizes of excavators, forestry equipment, refuse trucks, forklifts, agricultural machinery, truck mounted cranes, and marine.

Forget trade-offs. Choose the mobile valve that enables you to design, engineer and build without compromise.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Most valves offer too few actuation methods, forcing the engineer to adapt the system to what’s available
  • The package size on traditional mobile valves is too big, occupying valuable real estate Multiple components from multiple suppliers must be integrated to meet an optimal range of flow demands
  • Inconsistent multiservice movements during pump saturation
  • Wasting energy by using a full flow port relief to limit the actuator’s pressure
  • Traditional valves use a load sense bleed orifice to unload the load sense pressure
  • Other valves require external components to operate in float mode

Product Features

  • Priority flow sharing: pre- and post-compensated sections are available in the same valve assembly, ensuring priority function(s) maintain speed while others are reduced proportionally (CLS 100 only)
  • Patented load sense bleed-off: terminates continuous bleed-off, reducing energy loss and increasing responsiveness
  • Patented sectional load sense relief: limits pressure at the work ports without absorbing the full flow, improving dynamic response and enhancing efficiency
  • Compact, space-saving design: modular valve banks with up to 10 sections take up minimal space in your machine envelope
  • Wide range of actuation options: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, manual override levers and more
  • Electronics-capable: integrates with Eaton’s Pro-FX™ Technology Platform for customers that require advanced control capabilities
  • Open and closed center options: add-on kit allows CLS to work with both open- and closed-center systems, depending on application requirement
  • 15-degree coil orientation: improved envelope profile and better clearance to work ports

Technical Information

  • Rated Pressure Inlet 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Tank Port 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Rated Inlet Flow 150 lpm (39.6 gpm)
  • Rated Workport Flow - Post Compensated 100 lpm (26.4 gpm) @ 14 bar at differential pressure
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range -40˚C / 60˚C (-40˚F / 140˚F)
  • Oil Temperature Operating Range -25˚C / 80˚C (-13˚F / 176˚F)

  • Rated Pressure Inlet 350 bar (5076 psi)
  • Tank Port 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Rated Inlet Flow 220 lpm (58.1 gpm)
  • Rated Workport Flow – Post Compensated 180 lpm (47.6 gpm) @ 17 bar at differential pressure
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range -40˚C / 60˚C (-40˚F / 140˚F)
  • Oil Temperature Operating Range -25˚C / 80˚C (-13˚F / 176˚F)

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Additional Information

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