Proportional Valves

Proportional Valves

Smooth, accurate control is a must for most pressure and flow applications, so Eaton developed an entire range of Screw-in Cartridge Proportional Valves (SiCV) to help with achieving exactly that. When applied in conjunction with Eaton logic elements and other SiCV in a custom manifold assembly, Eaton proportional valves create the perfect combination for an efficient, smooth-operating hydraulic system.

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Featured Products

ESVL9 cutawayESV9 and ESVL9 proportional solenoid valves
For reliable, precise proportional control, trust Eaton’s new ESV9 and ESVL9 proportional solenoid valves.  

With maximum hysteresis of 7%, the ESV9 four-way, three-position proportional valve is best-in-class for precise control in a variety of applications.

The ESVL9 five-way, three-position proportional valve features a patent-pending integrated load sense check valve. Integrating the check valve in the main cartridge results in a 21% manifold size reduction compared to external check valves available on traditional five-ported directional control valves.

Both valves feature optimized flow forces and jet as well as a dual-spring design, for stable, even flow control.

Featured Literature

Proportional Valves Technical Guide Technical Guides:

Proportional Valves is Section B
of the Screw-in Cartridge Valves Technical Catalog E-VLSC-MC001-E6_B * January 2018

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Eaton’s MCD Quote Software helps you design and specify component placement of custom manifolds on your next project. Download your FREE copy here

Eaton Screw-in Cartridge Valve CAD Library
The Eaton library of screw-in cartridge valves contains over a thousand symbols for use in hydraulic systems design. This software program is designed to assist the engineering professional in the design of manifold blocks and related hydraulic systems. Click here to access components, SICV cavities, and hydraulic symbols for designing systems in AutoCAD.
Download SiCV Valve Library Instructions
Download the Vickers Library of SiCV (ZIP file)

Eaton 3D CAD Library
3D solid models of Eaton's hydraulic valve products for use in designing custom manifolds. Includes Screw-in Cartridge Valves and Vickers Industrial Valve product lines. 3D CAD Library can be found here

Need help with your next custom manifold design project? Eaton understands the value of providing direct access to state-of-the-art power management solutions and on-demand technical support.
Our new custom manifold design program connects original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to application engineers located nearby to assist you quickly. Learn more Learn more about SiCV Integrator Program


Eaton’s new ESVL9 proportional solenoid cartridge valve provides precise control in a compact package

Eaton’s New ESV9 Series of Proportional Solenoid Cartridge Valves Offers Precise Control with High Flow

Eaton’s Certified SiCV Integrator Program Offers Responsive, Local Manifold Design, Manufacturing and Delivery for OEM Customers
To learn more about Eaton’s Certified SiCV Integrator Program, visit Eaton’s Manifold Design and Delivery Services webpage

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