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Create custom manifold design quickly and easily with Eaton’s new
Circuit Design Software Studio

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Eaton's Circuit Design Software Studio gives you all the information in one place to walk through the process of designing a manifold. From gathering customer requirements, selecting the right valve, to packaging into a manifold and providing a quote, Eaton's Circuit Design Software Studio allows you to do this in the fastest, most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Increase Speed3D design • Shorten design cycle by easily communicating and displaying manifold designs with your customers
• Anticipate valve interference automatically
Locally hosted • All the information is available on your PC without the need for internet access
Updated segmentation codes• Easily identify cartridge valves leads times to choose fastest options 
Parts list view• Easily confirm valve pressures and flows will match system requirements
Improve CostAuto-size feature• Reduce the cost of the block by minimizing the size using auto-size feature
Download from• Free for you and your customers
Updated valve library• Choose from Eaton's extensive portfolio of cartridge valves to pick the perfect valve for your project
• Incorporate surface mount valves, fittings, plugs and other components into your 3D design
• Stay up to date with price and lead time adjustments
Increase EfficiencyExportable design into multiple formats• Give your designers a head start on the design by exporting into STP, DWG, PDF, CDSX and XML formats
Interfaces with Automation Studio• Test circuit performance without having to rebuild schematic in Automation Studio 
Online training modules• Step-by-step training modules available online 24/7 to guide you through each phase of your manifold design project

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