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How can Eaton help your business?

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to develop a solution that is not just one-size-fits-all. We offer customized solutions to fit individualized needs.

Eaton Business System and our Research & Development staff’s expertise have enabled us to innovate quickly and more effectively.

Our customers have full confidence that their proprietary information is safeguarded by Eaton's outstanding ethics and values.

Case studies

Challenge: Packaging Strength

One of our valued customers in the flexible packaging industry had a need for reclosable and resealable zipper with a unique demand-minimum opening strength (<2 lbs) for the consumer and maximum strength from the product side (20 lbs).

They solicited multiple competitors, and received the same answer: it cannot be done.

Solution & Result

Our sales and engineering teams worked closely with the customer to understand the needs.

After much hard work and collaboration, our PE7067 string zipper was born!

Problem solved.

Challenge: Lead-time Reduction

One of our valued customers in the furniture industry wanted process improvement and lead time reduction. They wished to eliminate one hazardous and labor intensive operation-painting.

They came to us for help.

Solution & Result

Our sales and engineering teams worked diligently with our customer and our suppliers. Although the task was not simple, we were able to meet the challenging color and texture requirements successfully!

Problem solved.