Floating Housing Brake

Floating House BrakeEaton’s passion for developing revolutionary new disc brake technology led to the development of the Floating House Brake (FHB)—a patented braking concept that uses a floating housing instead of a floating rotor. Rated for over 430,000 lb-in of torque, these spring-applied, air-cooled disc brakes are commonly used in applications like surface mining, oilfields and other heavy-duty industrial machinery. The Airflex FHB both maximizes friction life and offers a rapid friction replacement capability.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Rated for over 430,000 lb-in of torque
  • Patented braking concept uses a floating housing instead of a floating rotor
  • Multiple brake installation designs exist for industry leading motors
  • Fixed hub and rotor design

Product Features

  • Long-wearing organic friction material and a rugged, solid-cast rotating disc reduce inertia compared to typical caliper brakes
  • Designed to fit and interface with multiple, industry-leading motor frames
  • Fixed hub and rotor design extends product life by eliminating wear during free-wheeling
  • 360 degree annular disc reduces overall maintenance downtime by extending the life of friction pads, which are also easier to change
  • Exclusive shaft lock assembly improves installation speed and safety

Technical Information

The FHB brake is offered for applications with non‐cyclic brake engagement that require higher speed operation or precise balance of the rotating components is required.
No. of Spring Sets
Dynamic Torque*
Max. RPM
Length Engaged
Length released



Featured Literature

Floating Housing Brake Brochure

Airflex FHB brochure
Eaton’s Floating Housing Brake (FHB) is an air-cooled, spring-applied brake, specifically designed to maximize safety and machine uptime. Learn more in this brochure.
Floating Housing Brake Catalogs

Eaton Floating Housing Brake
Specifications and dimensions are provided in this catalog, along with illustrations.
Floating Housing Brake Technical Guides
Technical Guides:

FHB 8110 Brake Assemblies Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Throughout this manual there are a number of HAZARD WARNINGS that must be read and adhered to in order to prevent possible personal injury and/or damage to the equipment.

Airflex Grinding Mill Slip Detection Control Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Manual CP 3105



Floating Housing Brake Presentaion
Five things you need to know about Eaton Airflex 130/138 Floating Housing Brakes in five minutes
This on-demand presentation will provide an overview on Eaton’s Floating Housing Brake. We will introduce you to the product, how it works and what makes them unique in the market.

Additional Information

Eaton FHB Valuation Calculator
This online calculator tool will show that over time, you could limit downtime as the result of less frequent friction pad changes. The results will also reveal your overall payback of upgrading to the FHB by function and as a cumulative curve. You’ll be able to compare your current annual maintenance costs with what they would be after switching to FHB.


Eaton’s Airflex® Floating Housing Brake Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs for Dragline Equipment
Eaton Airflex Heavy-Duty Disc Brake Reduces Maintenance Costs On Draglines And Other Equipment With Groundbreaking Floating Housing Design


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