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Engine Controls

Oil Control Valves (OCV)

Enables cylinder deactivation and variable valve lift. Flexible packaging for cylinder head, cam cover and mini-manifolds.

Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly (LOMA)

Controls pressure to the exhaust and intake lifters of four cylinders with four on/off solenoids. The system provides a precise and instantaneous electronic matching of engine displacement to the performance level emanded by the driver resulting in a significant reduction of fuel consumption.

Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Dosing

Hydrocarbon fuel injectors for aftertreatment systems and fuel control manifold assemblies for dosing.

  • Simplified design vs. water cooled systems
  • One-doser solution vs. multiple injectors
  • Smaller drop sizes results in better/faster evaporation of injected fuel
  • Fail-safe system prevents leakage of fuel into exhaust system