Procision delivers the goods

When it comes to pickup and delivery, a truck is a resource that is essential to running the business. Many times, the driver doubles as a salesperson, stocking clerk and the face of the company. They need a truck that’s comfortable, easy to operate and reliable. Drivers are often operating in a city environment with narrow roads, high congestion and access or parking restrictions that make it a challenge to load and unload cargo.

With so many responsibilities, which transmission goes into the delivery truck is probably the least of a business owner’s worries… unless it breaks down! Reliability, fuel economy and ease of use are at the top of the list when shopping for a vehicle.

Eaton understands this and has a solution: the all-new Procision, the first dual-clutch automatic transmission for class 6 & 7 in North America.

Procision Transmission Product ImageCan a transmission really make a difference for a pickup and delivery truck? Over the last four years, Eaton studied the medium-duty market and worked extensively with a customer council – a set of fleets in various locations with different wants and needs in a transmission – to develop a game-changer. Procision is a transmission that delivers improved fuel economy and makes trucks easier to maneuver, which increases driver confidence allowing them to focus on their daily job. And all of this is backed by the largest network of powertrain experts.

Procision’s technology is proven: dual-clutch technology (DCT) has been used on passenger cars for more than a decade. Eaton has scaled the technology up with bigger gears, shafts and bearings to make it more durable for commercial vehicles. Other examples where commercial vehicles have adopted the best technology from passenger cars include disc brakes, telematics, and smaller, more efficient engines.


Eaton recognizes that all of the annual fuel savings will not overcome the lost revenue of a truck out of service. That’s why we’ve engineered Procision to be durable, having been rigorously tested for nearly one million miles or the equivalent of 100 truck years. Our extensive reliability testing program took into consideration a variety of geographies, vocations and duty cycles. Eaton’s 100-plus years of commercial vehicle transmission experience has been applied in the development of Procision, including the type of  testing that an average customer would never experience.

Procision offers the peace of mind that comes with its standard 3-year, unlimited-mile warranty for commercial vehicle applications. Extended protection plans are also available for an additional 2, 3 or 4 years.  And best of all, service can be performed at your local dealer so you can get your vehicle back on the road making you money. With Procison, there is no need to take the transmission to the dealer and then to an authorized repair facility to do the work.  

Procision also is backed by Eaton’s extensive Roadranger® network, which provides assistance for customers needing technical support.

Fuel Economy

If you’re like many other P & D fleets,  fuel economy is extremely important when selecting a transmission for a new vehicle.  Compared to torque converter automatics, the use of dual-clutch technology allows for more efficient acceleration from a stopped position and  optimizes shift points that will efficiently get to the highest gear. Gear changes are made by swapping the engine torque between clutches with the next gear pre-selected. This DCT is highly efficient and has a closed-loop control system that significantly reduces slip and steady state losses that are associated with torque converter automatic transmissions. Simply put, the more stop-and-go in your route, the better Procision will perform.

Eaton Dynamic Shifting uses grade, vehicle weight and driver demand to select optimum shift points for the perfect balance of economy and performance. However, if you want adjust the performance or fuel economy bias, it’s easily configured using the Eaton ServiceRanger 4 service and diagnostic tool.

Third-party testing results indicate Procision will deliver 8-10% better fuel economy than the torque converter automatic you’re probably driving. That’s a potential savings of more than $1,200 a year.1

Over the course of a truck’s lifetime, Procision-equipped trucks are designed to deliver lower total cost of ownership than a torque converter automatic, thanks to improved fuel economy and longer lube and filter changes. In fact, Eaton’s new PS-278 synthetic transmission fluid, enables 150,000 mile lube and filter changes – three times longer than the published interval for an Allison 2000 series.

Driver Confidence

Procision Transmission Delivery Truck DockConsidering most medium-duty truck operators are not professional drivers, Procision’s many features offer convenience and provide confidence for your drivers, particularly for those whose routes take them on hilly, difficult terrain, or who navigate tight turns and traffic as part of an urban route.

Dual-clutch technology pre-selects the correct gear, resulting in a smooth delivery of torque to the rear wheels just like a torque converter automatic.

Procision’s Urge to Move and Creep Mode features control forward and reverse speeds better than a torque converter automatic, improving safety in low-speed parking lot and loading dock driving. Forward and Reverse creep speeds are independently adjustable to allow a lower speed in reverse.   

Brake-pedal-actuated Tap Down Shifting gives the driver more control by downshifting on grades or other conditions without removing their hands from the wheel or eyes from the road, while also increasing brake pad life. Hill Helper technology prevents roll back or roll forward for up to three seconds based on grade and weight, allowing for a controlled launch.  Add it all up and Procision gives you best in class low speed maneuverability.

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1 Given a fuel cost of $3.00 per gallon, a truck that runs 40,000 miles a year getting 7 MPG and an 8% fuel economy improvement.