Fuller 2-A-92

The 2-A-92 model is a two-speed auxiliary transmission, designed primarily for use with heavy-duty transmissions. This transmission contains two sets of gears, thus giving the reduction (low) ratio when power is delivered through the two sets of gears. The other speed is obtained by direct (high) drive through the auxiliary.

A single shift bar in the right side of the case controls the speed changes. When the shift bar is moved 7/8" forward from neutral, the mainshaft sliding gear locks the mainshaft to the drive gear and shaft, thus delivering power directly through the transmission.

When the shift bar is moved 7/8" to the rear from neutral, the sliding clutch locks the mainshaft bushed gear to the mainshaft, thus transferring power through the two sets of gears to obtain the reduction ratio. The 2-A-92 has a solid countershaft with an integral low speed gear and a press-fit drive gear.

Product Snapshot
Speeds: Two forward – 2.30 low, 1.00 high
Torque Capacity Lbs.Ft. (Nm): Up to 9,700 lbs-ft input torque, 22,300 lbs-ft output torque in the 2.30:1 reduction ratio
Weight Lbs.: 310 lbs.
Length Inches: 16.2 in.
Power Take-Offs: None
PTO Drive Gears: Top and Bottom – A 30-tooth, 5 pitch gear turning at .933 of engine speed.
Mountings: Front – standard mounting; one vertical stud in front bearing housing for suspension from chassis crossmember. Optional mounting; nose piece machined for trunnion mounting.
Rear – Two 5/8" studs on each side of case.
Oil Capacity: Approx.12 pints.