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UltraShift PLUS PV

Eaton's UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions offer the performance and versatility of a manual transmission with the simplicity of automatic designs. They reduce wear and tear on the driveline, prevent drivetrain damage, and enhance vehicle performance and maneuverability.

Eaton's UltraShift PLUS PV transmission makes buses easier to drive by providing a simplified driver interface and unmatched low-speed control and stability even on the most extreme duty cycles. Eaton's UltraShift® PLUS PV offers these performance benefits while offering significant value to end users, including reduced maintenance costs, simplified service requirements, and up to 19 percent fuel economy improvements vs. conventional automatics.

This transmission is currently only available in China.

Product Snapshot
Speeds: 6 forward, 1 reverse
Torque Capacity (Nm): 1166 Nm
Weight : 197 kg
Length (mm): 726mm
Optional : Electromagnetic Retarder