Eaton Engine Brake, Jake Brake

New take on the “Jake brake”

Decompression Engine Brake offers better performance

For heavy-duty engine manufacturers looking for improved braking performance, Eaton’s Decompression Engine Brake is a valvetrain system solution that can enhance braking by enabling the valvetrain to switch between driving mode and engine braking mode. This technology has better performance at lower engine speeds better than competitive offerings and can be integrated into a standard assembly.

“With Eaton’s expertise in valvetrain technologies, we are able to apply our knowledge and truly maximize the braking power of a commercial vehicle to deliver better braking and more efficient use of the power being generated,” said Gerard Devito, chief technology officer, Eaton’s Vehicle Group. “Our Engine Brake technology is part of Eaton’s much broader variable valve actuation strategy, which allows us to look at the complete system more thoroughly than others who do not possess the expertise we have in this area.”

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