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Variable Valve Lift

For improved fuel economy, performance and drivability, Eaton Variable Valve Lift technology enables two modes of operation. It allows the gas exchange of an IC engine to be optimized for lower speed and higher torque and higher speed and higher power output, and not to be compromised of these two extremes.

This is achieved by a dual-lift rocker arm that is actuated by separate cams with low- and high-lift profiles.

The Eaton Variable Valve Lift brings benefits, not only for gasoline, but for passenger car Diesel engines as well:

  • Early Exhaust Valve Opening for thermal management
  • Late Intake Valve Closing, as enabler of Miller cycle, for FE improvements
  • Switchable Internal EGR, for emission reduction and thermal management

Besides the traditional hydraulic actuation, which is highly dependent on oil temperature and pressure, Eaton offers various types of advanced electro-mechanical actuation methods. Those enable instant and reliable switching even at very low temperature conditions. Furthermore, electro-mechanical actuation offers improved OBD performance and the possibility of grouping/sub-grouping different valves.