Buildings Solutions

Powering commercial buildings to be more functional, efficient and safe.

Your building is the foundation of your business. Staff work here, you meet your customers here, and visitors come here to use the services and facilities you provide. But is your facility a source of value? Or a drain on resources? Eaton can help you protect people, assets and reputation to ensure business continuity, reduce energy use to meet changing regulatory requirements and design for functionality and maximum use of space.

Protect people, assets and reputation for business continuity

Ensure reliable power for continuous operations and help protect everyone who comes into contact with your building, during everyday business, maintenance and commissioning or in case of an emergency or intruder. By sharing our expertise in regulations and building codes and offering training on the latest safety practices, energy audits and other services, Eaton enables you to focus on running your business.

Design and build for resiliency and sustainability

Protect the future value of your vital investment by making sure your building reflects your brand. Our energy efficient products help lower operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint, while custom design solutions help you achieve your vision. Work with Eaton for flexibility of design to meet future needs and regulations, plus innovations for maximum functionality, productivity and optimal use of your space.

Mitigate risk with on-time project execution and expertise

Reducing risk in the construction and commissioning of your building allows you to focus on your customer. Leverage our expertise, local satellite and service centers and an extensive network of channel partners for the solutions you need, when you need them. Our offering includes products designed for labor-saving installation, local project management and pre- and post-sale service and support.

Solutions Commercial office

Commercial office and mixed-use buildings

Protect your people and reputation with a design that emphasizes functionality, well being and productivity, achieves more efficient operations and reduces your overall energy consumption.

Solutions Hospitality

Hospitality and leisure facilities

Ensure a great visitor experience through an aesthetically pleasing environment, while maintaining round-the-clock, cost-effective operations that reduces energy costs and meets regulatory requirements.

Solutions Stadiums


Design and build the
best-in-class facility that showcases your brand and keeps people safe in an unfamiliar environment.

Solutions Education


Build a cohesive system that is connected and integrated, maximizing usable space and improving student and teacher productivity, while maintaining their safety.

Solutions Retail


Create an aesthetically inviting space that enhances the visitor experience, while remaining flexible for changing layout needs.

Solutions Industrial

Industrial and warehouse structures

Maximize the functional use of the space to increase productivity and manage operational risk, while achieving greater energy efficiency.

Solutions Healthcare

Safeguard critical power systems and data for continuous operations and ensure the comfort and safety of patients, visitors and staff.

Solutions Airports

Airports, rail and infrastructure facilities

Reduce downtime, increase availability and enhance safety and security to drive profitability, while meeting customer expectations and government regulations.