Optimize your process for clear, stable brews

Increasing growth in the brewing industry means increased consumer demand. To meet it, your operation may brew several different varieties year round. It's imperative to not only meet customer taste expectations but also produce a clear, stable product with an increased shelf life that stays fresher longer. Eaton's beer filtration solutions can help you optimize the taste of your beer and make it more visually appealing while keeping production up and running to meet demand and lower costs.

Empowering brewers to operate cleanly and efficiently

The quality of your process affects the quality of your beer. By optimizing operations to minimize hands-on maintenance, increase filtration product life, increase throughput, run more efficiently and even intelligently monitor your process, you can also optimize the taste of your beer and the demand for your brand.

Eaton can help you:

  • Increase productivity, reduce waste and achieve a longer shelf life
  • Yield more barrels per day
  • Capture financial savings and increased profits
  • Optimize the taste and appearance of your beer

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Featured case study

Eaton's BECOPAD depth filter sheets: a clear choice for successful brewing


The rapidly growing Georgia-based brewery needed to increase production while maintaining their handcrafted quality. They wanted the best beer filtration solution they could find to optimize the taste and appearance of their craft beer.


After extensive testing, they selected the correct BECOPAD depth filter sheet that not only produces a great looking, stable product but also optimized their beer filtration process to be less expensive and yield more barrels per day.


BECOPAD depth filter sheets

Terrapin Beer Company CaseStudy

"We are a very happy end-user, short of seeing something spectacular coming along in the future, I can't see us moving away from using BECOPAD filter sheets."
Spike Buckowski,
Head Brewer, Terrapin Beer Company