Dairy & Baked Goods

Dairy & Baked Goods Solutions

A better end product starts with a better process

The right amount of ingredients, the right mixing technique and the right temperatures at the right time all determine the final flavor, texture and safety of your products. Your production process and facility should execute your recipe to perfection, stay up and running to meet demand, keep your workers protected and achieve overall efficiency. Eaton solutions help you control and monitor equipment for accuracy, reuse resources like oven heat for other applications, and attain the quality you expect in every batch.

Helping operations keep up with demand and remain competitive

Whether creating special treats or everyday mainstays, your product is unique. So is your operation. Eaton can help you address current operating processes and find solutions that best match your desired goals. With a wide range of filtration, motor control, programmable logic, sensors and interface products, we can help you optimize your process in order to remain competitive with safe, quality production and wider margins.

Eaton can help you:

  • Improve plant working conditions with a quieter, enclosed filtration system that uses less floor space
  • Help reduce the risk of operator injury with virtually maintenance-free operations and less frequent replacement of parts
  • Realize financial and environmental gains with greater energy efficiency

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Featured case study

Bagel maker switches to Eaton DCF Filters to improve safety


Bagel production requires high water temperatures. When manually changing filter bags, operators were faced with serious potential hazards. They wanted a safer, more effective filter they could count on.


Eaton self-cleaning filters keep workers out of harm's way and ensure boiler water quality by maintaining the required high water temperatures. A safer work environment plus additional financial and environmental gains were achieved.


Eaton DCF-800 mechanically cleaned filter

Bagels CaseStudy

Eaton's mechanically cleaned filters are believed to be one of the most efficient mechanically cleaned filters on the market.