Ensure quality by optimizing every part of the process

Today's facilities are always looking for solutions that boost simplicity and functionality while maintaining the highest standards of quality and food safety. Designing, optimizing, running and maintaining processes that meet or even exceed requirements keeps your business competitive. Eaton can help you incorporate Intelligent design solutions that let you or your customers monitor the entire system, collect valuable data and proactively manage issues for consistent, cost-effective performance.

Powering a more efficient operation

Improving all stages of the production process from raw material to packaging means reliably meeting customer demand and quality expectations. By addressing every element, from the lifespan and effectiveness of components, to the safety of installation and maintenance, to enhancing uptime with intelligent power, you enable your operations to be more reliable, efficient and safe.

Eaton can help you:

  • Operate more sustainably with efficient, intelligent solutions
  • Increase productivity and lower costs by minimizing or even eliminating maintenance downtime
  • Reduce or eliminate product loss with continuous operation capabilities and components that offer a longer, more reliable operating life
  • Integrate automation solutions into IT infrastructure to ensure a seamless data flow from the process level right up to management level

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Featured case study

Enabling Pimmel to Reduce Winery's Assembly and Wiring Costs By Over 60 Percent


When designing an automated grape press for a winery customer, Pimmel needed solutions that would prevent personnel from altering equipment safeguards, integrate into the customer's IT infrastructure, reduce commissioning time and costs, and improve reliability.


Pimmel's customer was impressed by the simplicity and functionality of the SmartWire-DT technology. It helped Pimmel reduce assembly and wiring costs because of its flexible, easy-to-use and compact design.


Eaton's SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring solution

Pimmel Winery CaseStudy

SmartWire-DT reduced assembly and wiring costs by more than 60 percent. It also reduced the high project engineering requirements for the PLC I/O modules and provided a more compact panel design.