Ensure impeccable quality to satisfy your customers

Consumer demand means operations stay busy, but making a good, consistent spirits is a complex, time-consuming process. Distillers are looking for anything that can make things easier. Control is imperative for optimal results, and filtration plays a critical role in the appearance and taste of the finished product. Eaton helps you obtain your specific end-product requirements with solutions like motor control, programmable logic and filtration that give you greater control over your exacting process.

Providing the right solution for the right product

The contents of every bottle express your point of differentiation, so being able to control every step of the process is essential. Optimizing your process means more control for consistent, high-quality end products and greater operating efficiency that translate into energy and labor savings. Eaton can help you assess your operation and find cost-effective solutions, from power distribution that keeps production running to filtration that help perfect your product.

Eaton can help you:

  • Meet customer demand by increasing flow rate keeping operations up and running reliably
  • Decrease maintenance and downtime with components that are easy to load and unload
  • Optimize flavor, aroma and color of distilled spirits with a wide range of mineral-free filter sheets for any clarifying level from coarse filtration to microbe removal

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Featured case study

Impeccable quality: Award-winning distillates using Eaton filtration solutions


In terms of the raw ingredients, which come primarily from the surrounding region, the ripeness of pomes, stone fruits and soft fruit is a decisive quality criterion for fine spirits.


Filtration solutions to an award winning distiller, enabling the production of high-quality, turbidity free spirits with full flavor.


BECO SELECT® A depth filter sheets range and BECO® standard range

Georg Hiebl Distillery CaseStudy

"With the BECO SELECT A depth filter sheets and the BECO standard range from Eaton, we have succeeded in exactly what we want to achieve in filtration: Getting the best results from fine distillates."
Georg Hiebl