Sugar, Gelatin and Edible Oils

Sugar, Gelatin and Edible Oils Solutions

Keep product flowing and ensure quality

Whether producing ingredients for retail or an industry client, quality must be consistent. Your business needs to ensure production stays up and running by minimizing labor-intensive cleaning and maintenance, reducing product loss due to equipment failure and safeguarding against injury risk, especially when your process involves high temperatures. Eaton can help you increase productivity and improve the production process with solutions that work to protect uptime and your bottom line, so you never have to compromise quality standards.

Optimizing operations to attain sweet results

Sweetness is a science. The consistency of your product's taste and quality directly affects the end products your customers or clients ultimately create. When operations have to shut down, you may not be able to meet demand. And any downtime or wasted energy affects your profitability. By optimizing your process with Eaton solutions like filtration, motor control, programmable logic, sensors and interface products, you can increase productivity while maintaining your quality standards, your commitment to sustainability and your end users' high expectations.

Eaton can help you:

  • Reduce costly maintenance and downtime by reducing operator intervention
  • Improve reliability and productivity with custom solutions that fit your process
  • Protect your personnel from dangerous product conditions with a completely enclosed filtration system that's safe to operate
  • Protect against product loss with continuous, automatic self-cleaning solutions

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Featured case study

New filtration system yields sweet benefits for corn syrup producer


One of the world's leading producers of corn sweeteners needed to find ways to improve its production process to reduce product loss, decrease maintenance costs and minimize injury risks.


By replacing the aging, inefficient filtration system, the filtration process has become more stable, resulting in less product loss, little to no maintenance intervention and decreased labor and maintenance costs.


MCS-500 mechanically coupled high flow strainer

Corn Syrup Processing CaseStudy

"The customer wanted Eaton to implement its latest technologies to improve their process, reduce labor, improve safety and eliminate frequent cleaning. We had the insight needed to recommend an appropriate solution to accomplish their goals."
Jim Lago,
Regional Sales Manager, Eaton