Protect the quality of your product, vintage after vintage

Your process needs to be able to execute your expectations and meet demand. Wine filtration is an important part of the process that ensures wine quality and microbiological stability. You need to protect against quality problems that can result in product loss that thwart cost-effective results, without sacrificing taste and color. Eaton can help power your entire operation with intelligent, efficient solutions so you can provide consistent, high-quality wine, lower your total cost of ownership and help keep your product safe.

Optimizing taste by optimizing performance

Every bottle of wine can make or break your brand. When your customer enjoys a glass of your wine, you want to be sure their expectations are met, because by ensuring your customers' safety and satisfaction, you also protect your reputation and foster repeat business. With an optimized process, you can not only run your business more efficiently and sustainably, but also achieve the taste, color and clarity you desire. For instance, Eaton innovations in wine filtration are leading the industry with pure, mineral-free materials that increase capacity and productivity while expressing your wine's true essence.

Eaton can help you:

  • Optimize your operations to help you achieve your exacting product
  • Support your environmental efforts with efficient and sustainable solutions
  • Ensure ease and flexibility when switching between red and white wine without cross-contamination
  • Increase consumer safety with filters that boast an unsurpassed microbiological retention rate
  • Achieve minimal product loss with nearly drip-free filtration

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Featured case study

Optimizing processes with the right filters


One of the most modern, state-of-the art wineries in Austria needed help meeting new wine filtration challenges associated with increased bottling productivity.


Eaton filtration solutions helped triple the filter sheet service life, reduce drip loss by up to 99%, simplify the changing types of wine to optimize bottling schedules and extend the service life of downstream membrane filter cartridges by significantly reducing fine colloids beforehand.


Eaton's BECOPAD 115C pure cellulose depth filter sheets

Lower Austria Winery CaseStudy

"Because of Eaton, the Krems winery can continue to meet the same high standards of modern oenology with durability, high hygienic standards and flexibility."
Andreas Zang,
Area Sales Manager, Eaton