Food and Beverage Solutions

Energizing healthier operations in food and beverage

With increasing competition making margins vulnerable, ever-changing customer preference and demand, strict safety regulations, industry consolidation and the increasing power of retailers, today's food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure. But you can't let that affect the quality of your end product.

With a focus on providing consistent, high-quality end products, today's food and beverage leaders look to Eaton to optimize business and manufacturing processes and reduce total cost of ownership, while protecting personnel and consumers. With custom innovations that save money in your electric, water and process systems, filtration products designed and built to the latest, most exacting industry standards and machinery and facility electrical power management designs, Eaton solutions benefit nearly any food or beverage manufacturing process.

Provide consistent, high-quality end products

Consumers expect and demand consistent quality, and your business reputation depends on delivering it. Ensure your products meet taste, color and fragrance requirements with custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Our strong knowledge of regulations and necessary documentation also keep your business on track.

Optimize processes to lower total cost of ownership

When meeting your customer demand, keeping production up and running is critical. At the same time, capturing energy savings when you're operating around the clock helps you protect your profits. Eaton solutions minimize downtime and maintenance and help your process become more sustainable.

Keep consumers and personnel safe

The quality of your end product and success of your business is closely tied to safety. Eaton works with you to help ensure processes are free of contamination so that your product meets industry standards of safety for your consumers to enjoy. Our solutions also focus on the safety of installation, maintenance and operation of electrical equipment to protect your people.

Dairy and baked goods Solutions

Helping ensure your process and facility can execute your unique recipes and meet customer demand while capturing efficiencies.

Sugar, gelatin and edible oils Solutions

Stay up and running and keep product flowing by minimizing costly and risky maintenance, without compromising quality.


Meet customer demand and exceed taste expectations with an optimized operation.


Achieve clean, tasty and stable brews barrel after barrel with a process that runs more efficiently and elevates quality.


Incorporate modern technology with your traditions to optimize your entire operation, enhance product quality and satisfy demand.

Facilities Solutions

Stay competitive with solutions that boost efficiency and productivity, while maintaining the strictest safety standards.