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Star Valley Medical Center

Following a power outage-induced server crash, the hospital sought a highly reliable and scalable UPS to safeguard its multi-million-dollar IT investment

Bayside Endoscopy

Bayside Endoscopy, a freestanding facility has used Eaton's UPS for years and have put it to the test. See why they continue to choose Eaton and their services

North Estonia

See how North Estonia built an electrical distribution system for new critical applications hospital block

CT Manufacturer

Quick-connect coupling system by Eaton maintains a secure seal under high operating stress

Meilahti Tower Hospital

Eaton gives energy efficiency a boost in Meilahti Tower Hospital

Alert Ambulance

The Eaton service and support have been top-notch. They are noticeably above what other manufacturers provide

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Carolinas Hospital System

Here at Carolinas Hospital we depend on the BladeUPS for 24/7 uptime of our critical health care systems

Health Insurer

Multiplan chose Power Xpert 9395 to safeguard its 5,000-square-foot data center

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

After helping one of the world's largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers cope with a power quality issue and equipment failures, Eaton was chosen to provide metering equipment for a substation expansion

TriRivers Health Partners

Eaton as a vendor provides us with the ability to take some of the things off the table that we used to worry about, but don't have to anymore

Skane University Hospital

The hospital infrastructure plays its vital role in the background. If a single component does not work as it should, the entire operation will fail to function properly

Bay Surgery Center

Eaton gives energy efficiency a boost in Bay Surgery Center in 2011


Based in part on solid reputation and endorsements, healthcare company chose Power Xpert 9395 to safeguard its 5,000-square-foot data center


Eaton 9130 and 9155 UPSs give a healthcare organization a boost of immunity

Wright Medical Technology

Based in part on solid reputation and endorsements, healthcare company chose Power Xpert 9395 to safeguard its 5,000-square-foot data center

Selective Coordination

Hybrid fuse and circuit breaker based overcurrent protection system with dependable switchboards help achieve the utmost in power system reliability and safety for national leader in rehabilitation services

Appalachian Regional Healthcare

The non-profit, Kentucky-based health system immunized its critical data center equipment against downtime and gained exceptional efficiency with the Eaton 9390 UPS

Array BioPharma

The Colorado-based pharmaceutical company discovers the formula for high availability within its research lab by deploying an Eaton 9355 UPS to protect critical testing instrument

Colorado Medical Center

Tasked with ensuring the optimal health of its UPS systems, one Colorado medical center found relief in an Eaton service plan

DJo Incorporated

The medical device company ensures a clean bill of health for its data center equipment, gaining ultimate reliability by paralleling the Eaton 9390 UPS for redundancy

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The 9395 UPS boasts efficiency to meet the research center`s stringent standards


Eaton 9395 UPS ensures continuous uptime for medical manufacturer


Genzyme consolidated its smaller UPSs with an Eaton 9355 to protect its computer room, gaining easier manageability and unparalleled reliability

GF Health Products

The healthcare products company upgraded capacity within the existing footprint of their previous UPS with the Eaton 9155

Healthcare IT Provider

When it comes to ensuring the tip-top health of its UPSs, this healthcare IT provider found an Eaton service plan to be a perfect Rx

Siemens Medical

The Eaton 9390 UPS has been certified by Siemens Medical to protect its CT, MR and AX medical equipment

Specialists in Plastic Surgery

The Philadelphia based surgical office turns to Eaton's FERRUPS for unmatched reliability, extensive configurability and bulletproof protection for their patients during surgery

St. Joseph Hospital West

Hospital uses the Eaton 9390 UPS to backup its new medical imaging systems

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Eaton 9390 UPS units are healthy choice for hospital

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Payer Solutions The selective coordination designer is a tool helps users identify overcurrent protective device solutions that will coordinate (at 0.1 second or 0.01 second) or selectively coordinate (all times all currents) in an electrical distribution system for up to 6 devices.
An interactive application to view the backup power protection applications for Eaton products in a hospital