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Safeguard information and protect against downtime

Meeting IT requirements for the exchange, analysis, storage and security of patient information means maintaining critical, uninterrupted power. Managing growing data processing needs, ensuring system uptime, protecting the privacy of patient records and reducing the cost of data center energy are all top priorities. Eaton helps you ensure the reliability and availability of electronic medical record systems and make precision healthcare a reality by enabling cloud-based data sharing across a diverse range of sources.

Empowering IT to share and protect data more efficiently

Eaton can help you take a holistic approach to power management to support your vital task of storing, sharing and analyzing of health information. The highest levels of reliability and availability of electronic medical record (EMR) systems allows you to give patients and physicians global access anytime and anywhere while protecting customer assets. With a comprehensive strategy linking the data center to the wiring closet, information will instantly flow from bedside monitors to each patient's computerized health record.

Eaton can help you:

  • Maintain security and availability for patient privacy compliance with solutions that enable remote monitoring of the power system
  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities through real-time and historical power data
  • Ensure the flexibility and efficiency of your data center to easily and cost-effectively scale to meet future growth
  • Improve heat containment at the rack level to reduce cooling costs and extend equipment life
Featured case study

When patients depend on uptime


TriRivers, a healthcare IT organization, needed to establish a highly scalable and redundant centralized power system to support critical healthcare IT requirements and electronic health record storage.


With the Eaton solution, TriRivers can better help healthcare clients reduce costs through the centralization of data and real-time energy management functions without worrying about the safety or accessibility of data.


End-to-end Eaton power quality and distribution equipment, server enclosures with integrated heat containment and Intelligent Power Manager software.


"Eaton as a vendor provides us with the ability to take some of the things off the table that we used to worry about, but don't have to anymore."
Phil Wasson, Chief Executive Officer