Imaging and labs

Healthcare Imaging and Lab Solutions

Protect the performance of your machinery with decision support tools and applications

You need to safely and accurately share quality imaging and diagnostic information, maintain compliance with regulations and manage equipment sensitivity, all while ensuring workflow flexibility. Eaton solutions help protect sophisticated diagnostic medical imaging equipment like CT and MRI from downtime, repairs and early replacement, provide reliable, efficient power to critical buildings systems, and create spaces that are easily adapted to changes in technology.

Keeping imaging and labs keep up and running

For many imaging and lab organizations, maintaining reliable power means ensuring the accurate performance of sensitive equipment patients depend on, protecting the hygienic environment for patient and staff safety, and quickly and safely performing tests and procedures.

Eaton can help you:

  • Deliver efficient power to your labs and sensitive imaging equipment with solutions like variable frequency drives (VFDs) for critical HVAC control
  • Achieve best-in-class optical performance required for highly hygienic facilities with easy-to-clean, dust-free LED solutions
  • Ensure the performance of equipment while minimizing maintenance time and risk with quick-connect couplings that maintain a secure seal
  • Help personnel and technology work together more efficiently with modular laboratory furniture systems and benches that feature integrated power distribution units
Featured case study

Eaton Helps Keep CT Scanners up and Running


Technicians needed a way to replace X-ray tubes in medical imaging equipment, while minimizing the risks and consequences of coolant leaks.


Eaton helped achieve the prevention of coolant leaks that can affect machine performance, protection for clean environments in medical facilities, and a longer service life for imaging machine components.


A quick-connect coupling system developed by Eaton maintains a secure seal under high operating stresses.


"Eaton sales and engineering staff members were always quick to respond when I had questions or problems during product development."
Lead engineer for the
customer's development group