Healthcare Payer Solutions

Meet the challenges of sharing and managing data

A significantly greater degree of pricing transparency, competition and rising costs due to the implementation of healthcare reform means you must gain pricing leverage, while building a sizable membership base and solid provider networks. Eaton can help you build secure, reliable, regulatory-compliant data centers and enable you to take advantage of data analytics that improve the patient experience and help achieve cost containment goals.

Helping payers secure information and meet regulations

For many managed care organizations, business depends on the health of your data center. To optimize operations, you must keep critical equipment up and running at all times, reduce cooling costs, scale to meet increasing power demands and stay informed of all power conditions with remote monitoring and management.

Eaton can help you:

  • Achieve optimal power performance, reliability and energy savings through innovative solutions like back-up power protection, airflow management, advanced power distribution equipment, predictive diagnostic tools and maintenance and testing services
  • Keep data safe and secure, even in interconnected data centers, while adhering to patient privacy standards
Featured case study

Eaton ensures healthy operations for MultiPlan


Because downtime is not an option for MultiPlan, the company required a robust uninterruptible power system (UPS) offering the highest level of availability, coupled with scalability and efficiency.


The critical data center remains up and running at all times, cooling costs are reduced and scalability is assured.


Power Xpert 9395 UPS, PDU, service and software


"Overall as a facilities manager, I'm happy that we're running a quieter, more efficient unit that notifies our staff when there is an issue with the power to the building and even grows with us. It allows me to sleep better at night."
Brian Geber, MultiPlan
facilities manager