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Remain focused on patient care while meeting regulatory requirements

Whether you're an ambulatory care center, hospital, integrated managed care consortium or senior and assisted living community, your focus is on patient care. To do this, you need to ensure costs are under control while complying with strict regulations during a new build or retrofit. Eaton can help you with a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure to withstand power surges or outages, reduce disruption and provide a reliable emergency electrical power source that meets or exceeds life safety code requirements.

Energizing healthcare organizations to focus on their mission

Across the healthcare industry, Eaton is helping organizations maximize energy-saving opportunities so they can refocus investment on clinical care, ensure always-on power for essential electrical systems and data services, safeguard patients, visitors and staff by ensuring their comfort and safety and support healthcare capacity needs with on-time project construction. As a provider of inpatient, outpatient or long-term care, you are on the frontlines of delivering top quality, patient-friendly healthcare.

Eaton can help you:

  • Build and retrofit facilities with a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure designed to withstand and reduce disruption events and ensure the availability of sensitive medical equipment, such as diagnostic machines, laboratory equipment and medicine refrigerators
  • Reduce hospital-acquired infections while maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for everyone with lighting and wiring devices
  • Provide a reliable emergency electrical power source that both meets the Life Safety Code NFPA 99 requirement and achieves higher energy efficiency and reduced-cost maintenance, so you can focus your investment on clinical care
Featured case study

Building trust during construction


When building a new hospital block to house critical applications, North Estonia Medical Centre needed a highly reliable, safe and economical electrical distribution system.


With Eaton's help, North Estonia Medical Centre achieved extreme reliability, protection and safety while lowering maintenance capital and operating costs.


Power Xpert UX medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, Power Xpert 9395 UPS and Arcon arc fault protection


"Our relationship with Eaton has been built up over the history of the three major projects we have worked on together and we know that we can trust them."
Sergei Kedrov, Electrical
Development Engineer