Oil and Gas Downstream

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Rising to the challenge of processing new crudes through upgrading and retrofitting refineries

Downstream, the drive is on to upgrade. You don't just face the need to bring new technology online to process changing crudes, but to address issues with aging refineries. Further pressure from increasingly difficult approvals and regulatory processes also need to be addressed.

Customized upgrades. On time and on budget.

Whether you're bringing a new refinery online, upgrading an aging facility, seeking to decrease downtime or comply with changing regulatory requirements, we offer customized solutions to meet those needs. With Eaton's consistent product availability and worldwide specs, production can be maximized while unnecessary manning and downtime is minimized.

Eaton offers improved monitoring and remote control for greater safety and asset integrity, as well as reduced scheduled maintenance.

Partner with Eaton.
Solve your power management challenges.

Valero needed to enhance personnel safety and equipment reliability during maintenance at their St. Charles Petroleum Refinery. Eaton's innovative solution addressed the ever-increasing hazard of arc flash. Download their story and discover how Eaton expertise went to work for Valero.




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