Crush and Screen Mining Solutions

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The demands placed on crushers are extreme. They're expected to operate non-stop while withstanding excessive vibration and dust as well as extreme temperatures. A crusher also accounts for the highest energy consumption in your operation, critically impacting your cost per ton. The machinery is costly and cannot easily be replaced. The conveyor is one of the greatest sources of equipment failure on a site. Frequent lock-out/tag-outs stress circuit breakers. The challenges are tremendous. Your entire production rides on your crusher plant. When a machine stops, your production stops. And your profits come to a grinding halt.

Drive uptime and increase your margins.

Eaton has solutions to increase energy efficiency, including switchgear, compact E-houses, energy efficient variable frequency drives and soft starters for less wear and tear on conveyor controls. In an operation where safety is paramount, Eaton provides the latest in industry-leading technology, including safe earthing mechanisms for lock-out/tag-outs and belt tip switches for conveyor safety.

Partner with Eaton.
Solve your power management challenges.

When a multi-national metals and mining company recorded high levels of hydraulic fluid contamination in its dump trucks that were causing hydraulic system failures and vehicle shutdowns, they took action. See how Eaton's customized coupling solution eliminated contaminated lubricant replacement costs, reduced maintenance costs, increased machine uptime by over 3 percent and are now the standard at 14 additional mines.




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