Exploration, Drilling and Blasting

Increasing complexity driven by tougher recovery environments and regulation puts intense pressure on exploratory efforts

Uncovering mineral reserves is a high-risk business. Exploration can take years. Drilling and blasting can be challenging and dangerous. Increasing complexity of operations and regulation drives cost. Success is measured by accomplishing the most drilling in the least amount of time. Productivity is critical. Failure to achieve milestones and deliver operational uptime jeopardizes tight margins. Fast cycle times, time-saving systems and maximum energy efficiency are basic necessities in today's environment.

Maximize productivity with solutions that minimize complexity.

Partnering with Eaton helps you mitigate risk, minimize complexity and meet challenging lead times. Wherever you are mining, we know the codes and standards. Our technology solutions provide power, productivity and fuel efficiency. Enhanced monitoring and remote control assure safety, asset integrity and environmental performance. Our hydraulic and electrical horsepower helps you drill faster while our safety features, like gas detection and CCTV, protect both your operators and your operation. With our vast global presence, you can count on us to have products and services available when and where you need them.



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