Mining, Metal and Minerals Solutions

Experience robust performance above
and below ground

Mining is a tough business that gets tougher every day. Declining ore grades make it more difficult to run a profitable operation. Unpredictable market demand and stagnant prices for finished product put increased pressure on already tight margins. Uptime is critical. Continuous improvement is a way of life. Safety is paramount.

Eaton can help fuel continuous improvement across your entire process. We help keep your people and equipment safe and give you confidence in the efficiency of your operation. You need solutions that enable smooth operations, even when your team is not on site. Mine owners and operators count on our experts, products and services to improve energy efficiency, better manage costs, optimize operations and protect people and profit.

Improve cost and energy efficiency

Eaton solutions reduce your energy footprint by delivering energy savings, distributing information efficiently and effectively managing power above and below ground, in mobile and stationary applications. All to make your mine more efficient and productive, improving your total cost of ownership.

Increase uptime in critical operations

Eaton's rugged products, innovative designs and advanced solutions deliver performance and uptime for continuous operation in the toughest environments. Intelligent predictive diagnostic technologies offer online monitoring to forecast imminent failure, fully integrated E-houses arrive ready for use and on-site services reduce downtime.

Protect people, property and the environment

Eaton's industry expertise and broad portfolio of technology gives you the advantage of time-tested products and innovations to protect your employees and provide your operators with safe, reliable control in harsh, changing conditions. Our solutions reduce emissions to minimize your impact on the environment in a world where carbon reports and impact statements drive operating decisions. And our extensive research and development capabilities have produced industry-first safety solutions, from explosion-proof enclosures to arc-resistant switchgear, all designed to safeguard your employees and assets.

Exploration and drill & blast Solutions

Even in dangerous environments, production must keep up, regulations must be met and margins must be protected. Eaton helps you meet these challenges and maximize productivity.

Cut, load and haul Solutions

Rough conditions require rugged equipment. Eaton helps you focus on productivity by delivering performance and maximizing uptime for continuous operation.

Crush and screen

Downtime can crush your profits. Eaton can help you optimize operations to drive uptime, keep people safe and run your machinery more efficiently.

Bulk material handling Solutions

Throughput and uptime are essential to optimizing your process and investment. Eaton can help you increase throughput while maintaining reliability, service and safety.

Processing Solutions

The success of your finished product is tied to your energy consumption and uptime. Eaton can help you increase energy efficiency, conserve resources and protect against costly downtime.