Processing Solutions

Processing can make or break the quality of your product

At Eaton, we appreciate how critical the final processing step is to your operation. It determines the ultimate quality of your finished product. Uptime and reliability are paramount. Any unscheduled disruption of the process can cause significant cost and equipment damage. Weeks or months of downtime mean lost production and revenue.

Processing is also energy intensive. Energy consumption accounts for as much as 15% of a mining operation's costs, emphasizing the need for optimum efficiency. And we know your environmental footprint impacts operating decisions. Reducing emissions and wastewater is essential.

What's more, processing is non-stop. Trouble-shooting systems on an ad-hoc basis and performing scheduled maintenance without shutting down the operation are sometimes necessary – and potentially hazardous. You need technologies and solutions you can count on to protect your people and equipment.

Your investment rides on this final critical phase. You need reliable products, partners and processes.

Drive superior output and better manage power consumption.

Eaton provides customized solutions that deliver more output and maximize power consumption. Real-time process control can increase the reliability, uptime and quality of your processes. Our power distribution and protection systems can supply the continuous power and energy efficiency you demand. Our filtration systems reduce waste and insure water can be recovered and re-used when practical or treated prior to release, reducing your water costs and environmental footprint.

Predictive diagnostics forecast imminent failure. Industry-first safety products and technology protect your people and equipment. On-site service and support ensures costly downtime is not a threat to your operations or your bottom line.

Partner with Eaton.
Solve your power management challenges.

Lehigh Hanson, one of North America's largest cement producers, puts a premium on safety. That's why they chose Eaton to help address the threat of arcflash hazards. Eaton's extensive expertise conducting multi-site power systems and arcflash studies generated the roadmap to success. See how Eaton's enterprise-wide arcflash compliance program answers emerging standards and reduces risk through improved electrical workplace safety.




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