Above figure shows components composition of power steering system on the vehicle with the Orbitrol. This is an example of the simplest steering system. The oil from Pump flows into "P"-port of Orbitrol and then the quantity of oil in the proportion to the rotations of Steering Wheel flows into Steering Cylinders via "R"-port at right turn and via "L"-port at left turn. It is clear by this figure that there is no mechanical connections between the part of steering input (Steering Wheel, Steering Column and Orbitrol) and the part of steering output (Steering Cylinders,Linkages and Steered Wheels). Accordingly, there are many advantages for designing of vehicles. The Orbitrol is used principally for hydrostatic power steering systems of industrial vehicles, construction vehicles and boats, but it can be used for some servo-type applications or any applications where visual positioning are required.