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Location may be everything. But without a highly functional and efficient workspace, buildings and facilities quickly go from a source of value, to a drain on resources. Robust, efficient and highly intelligent electrical solutions are vital to the long-term health and value of buildings and business alike. And ensuring the safety and protection of a building’s occupants is paramount.

To get buildings built right—and easy to maintain for decades—contractors, architects and facility managers turn to Eaton. With a unique mix of solutions ranging from electrical distribution, power transformers and circuit protection to lighting, safety and fire systems, we’re helping customers see beyond the bricks and mortar to turn today’s buildings into a competitive advantage for their global businesses.

What’s trending

Energy savings: Realistic expectations for commercial facilities
Many facilities have mandates to save energy because it offers huge advantages. But while things like VFDs and LEDs offer proven savings by reducing energy usage, improving operations and increasing sustainability—others solutions are harder to figure out.

Learn how you can separate fact from fiction to identify realistic energy savings, and the financial benefits you can expect.

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Blog series
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