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Four sides, limitless structural support possibilities.

4Dimension strut system

Four sides, limitless structural support possibilities.

“If I had known we were just talking about strut, I wouldn’t have come.” That was the reaction Eaton got from contractors when it set out to reinvent a product that hadn’t seen much innovation over the last five decades. But when electrical, mechanical, datacomm and HVAC installers live and breathe material and labor costs, re-thinking strut systems was too big an opportunity to pass by.

By the end of an intensive 12-month design process, the tone of the meetings had decidedly shifted. When the final B-Line series 4Dimension strut system prototypes were shown, contractors were saying, “When can I have it? I sure could have used it on my last project.”

Improving product design with real-time customer input

Strut has been the backbone of the industry for over 40 years and has never waivered from its tried and true design. But customers were looking for ways to save cost. So Eaton brought together a cross-functional team of engineers, product managers and sales managers, to talk face-to-face with installers about how traditional strut support systems could be improved and find innovative ways to reduce the total installed cost.

From initial blank-slate customer collaboration sessions, the Eaton team began rapidly designing 3-D printed prototypes, allowing installers to see and feel a revolutionary strut profile with up to four-sided functionality and improved strength-to-weight performance. In follow-up sessions, the real-time customer feedback surfaced another truth: material costs were only half the challenge. If installation time, flexibility and space savings weren’t significantly improved, there wasn’t a compelling enough reason to switch from traditional channel.

So Eaton came back with innovative fittings and accessories—trapeze hangers, slide-in nuts, dove-tail bars, universal pipe clamps and beam clamps — that allowed for hundreds of modular configurations. One of the most significant advancements in the system were two new trapeze hangers that could reduce installation time by up to 50%.

Less materials, less install time, same load strength

4Dimension channel is roll formed and available in pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel and painted finishes. The roll forming process helps improve the overall strength-to-weight ratio, as the steel gets stronger and stronger with every bend. Unlike welded back-to-back traditional strut systems, 4Dimension provides top, bottom and side functionality. The result: up to 50% reduction in materials costs.

The system supports a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as overhead support grids, racking systems, panel stands and more. With innovative 4Dimension fittings and channel, contractors can make a number of back-to-back, back-to-side and other combinations in the field. Unique accessories and fittings provide functionality and flexibility to support various types of cable tray, pipe, conduit, ducting and other equipment. All in, installers can increase flexibility and compress project schedules—reducing installation time and material cots, without sacrificing load strength.

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Energizing your business.

IS_4Dimension_Hero video

Video: Eaton's B-Line series 4Dimension changes how support systems are built and installed.

When companies have to constantly do more while using less, Eaton’s B-Line series 4Dimension strut system is revolutionizing the way installers build and install critical infrastructure support systems. From electrical and mechanical, to HVAC and plumbing applications, to the most advanced data centers, Eaton is bringing the world a whole new dimension of form, function and flexibility.

Learn about the Eaton’s B-Line series 4Dimension strut system, explore Eaton structural support solutions and see how Eaton innovation is energizing customers’ business across industries and around the world.

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