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Today, data centers are much more than storage hubs. They're essential to how the world does business. But the challenges they face are enormous: rising energy costs, financial business pressures, ever-emerging technologies and the need for a fail-safe model.

At Eaton, we’re envisioning solutions that deliver unprecedented reliability, maximize energy efficiency, optimize uptime and minimize costs and risk. And that forward thinking is happening now. With flexible, affordable and scalable designs that anticipate future growth—we help keep you ready for what lies ahead.

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Improving data center efficiency: A $3.8B opportunity
Data centers are one of the largest and fastest-growing consumers of electricity around the world. If just half of the recommended energy efficiency best practices were adopted, it could slash energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions—and save $3.8B every year.

Discover how you can safeguard applications, drive efficiencies and tap into powerful savings and incentive programs.

How to cash in on a $3.8 billion opportunity.
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