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With over 100 years of electrical power management experience, Eaton is inspired by a world that demands more. More energy efficiency. Greater reliability. Improved safety. And increased sustainability. We’re anticipating those needs, engineering the products and shaping the solutions that energize our ever-changing world. See how.

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Blog Series
Blog series
Our take on codes and standards.
Lighting controls
Top 4 reasons
Extending the lifespan of your motor control center.
big data
Big data
Keeping up with the healthcare data explosion.
Digital oil field
Improving oil field operations with wireless technology.
PGE Salem
A working smart grid, a model in energy intelligence.
Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Revitalizing a wonder of the modern world.
Lighting controls
Integrated Lighting Controls
What if smarter lights actually led to smarter buildings?
What if one wire changed the way machines were built?
Robinson Mine
Keep mining operations running with lighting as tough as the job itself.
Follow the charge
See how Eaton is building a more powerful tomorrow by solving today's most critical electrical power management challenges.