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Robinson Mine

Robinson Mine

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Robinson Mine is a copper deposit located in White Pine County, NV. Mining is a non-stop operation and Robinson Mine runs P&H 2300 electric shovels continuously, 365 days a year, all day and all night. Between 10 to 16 different luminaires are needed to light the shovel for safe operations. And traditional incandescent lighting simply wasn’t getting the job done.

Zero time for downtime.


Robinson Mine: Solutions for the mining industry.

P&H 2300 electric shovels are incredibly complex machines, and it costs $12,500 per hour to keep each shovel running. Even something as small as changing a light can cost thousands of dollars. So when a single light goes out, the operation grinds to a halt.

Incandescent lighting just isn’t made for the rough-and-tough job of mining. With excessive vibration, lamps need to be changed every one to two weeks. And low lumen output creates poor visibility in critical areas, both inside and outside the shovel—which can result in MSHA & OSHA fines, and even shutdown. That’s why Robinson Mine turned to Eaton and its Crouse-Hinds series Vaporgard LED luminaires.

Lighting the way to over $1 million in savings.

Vaporgard LED luminaires

Vaporgard LED luminaires: Vaporgard LEDs offer 20x the life of incandescent lamps and 50% lower profile than incandescent luminaires. Available in ceiling mount for inside vehicles and above the tracks, and wall mount for service areas. Learn more 

Vaporgard LEDs were installed on the P&H 230, as well as in service areas, providing full-spectrum, crisp white light. And, over a year later, the Robinson Mine team had yet to replace a single LED luminaire. In fact, the plant maintenance team took “lamp replacement” off their regular maintenance list.

Not only did the fixtures pay for themselves in roughly three months of maintenance-free operation, they improved safety, visibility and productivity. And they saved Robinson Mine over $1 million in downtime-related costs.

It’s no surprise that Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series LEDs have been specified for the entire mine site. And why Robinson Mine is installing Vaporgard LEDS on eight more shovels in three different mines around the country.

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