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Success Story - Enhanced Efficiency

Power Xpert CX and Xiria simplify global expansion plans for consumer product manufacturer


A U.S. based consumer products manufacturer with international operations added a new product line to their manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Their goal was to standardize their substation designs worldwide to reduce engineering costs and shorten lead times for new product introductions. They also wanted to take advantage of the latest technology and enhanced safety features offered in the market today.

The client discovered that Eaton’s Power Xpert CX design could be manufactured in locations around the world and provide a platform for their low voltage switchgear moving forward. They also liked the value proposition of the maintenance free and environmentally responsible Xiria RMU. A standard substation design was developed which includes a Xiria RMU, Cast Coil transformer and Power Xpert CX secondary for all of this customer’s locations in Asia Pacific. This design is being specified for all locations outside of the US and will be implemented for all new projects.

Global Product Offering

Eaton’s line of Power Xpert assemblies and Xiria RMU provide compliance with global IEC and local standards which allows customers to standardize on one common design worldwide.

Reduce Strain on Engineering Resources

As companies expand into new markets far from corporate headquarters, they tend to rely on partnerships to shorten their time to market. Eaton can provide turnkey design and installation services globally to reduce the strain on centralized engineering resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Since Power Xpert CX is tested to meet the latest IEC 61439 standard, customers are assured that the product can meet evolving global standards.


The Power Xpert CX product line offers a type tested design with additional safety features to reduce the chance of injuries during maintenance activities. CX was tested to IEC 61641 for arc fault containment which ensures both worker safety and limited downtime in the event of an incident.

Local Expertise

As companies expand rapidly in to unfamiliar markets, they can rely on Eaton’s expertise and local knowledge to prevent installation delays. Eaton’s extensive network of resources in emerging markets can help customers navigate a myriad of local requirements.