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We know our customers want to conserve resources and reduce their carbon footprint. And that many countries have committed to ambitious targets for reducing air pollution — and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent by 2050.

Learn more about how our innovations are helping to protect the environment.

2016 sustainability
metrics report

Working toward a healthier planet
with our customers

Harold Jones, Senior Vice President, Health and Safety describes how we’re working toward a healthier planet with our customers.


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Bloomberg New Energy
Finance research models the future of renewable energy.
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More than 100 of our facilities send zero waste to landfill. Learn more >>kc-zwtc-thumb
Every day, we’re working hard to further reduce our carbon footprint. 
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- Interview with Frank Campbell, Eaton EMEA President

Learn how we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship day to day. Read article >>

- Blog: “Sun Setting on Renewables and Reliability Argument”

Our Louis Shaffer show how advancements in energy storage can lead to a low-carbon future. Read article >>

- xStorage


We make energy storage for homes and businesses simple.
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- Making microgrids work

Practical and technical considerations to advance power resiliency.
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- Microgrids for facilities

Store low-cost, off-peak energy for use during peak demand.
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- LED lighting

Our LEDs help prevent 9 billion pounds of GHG emissions per year.
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- Green buildings

Smart lighting delivers the right amount of light while saving energy.
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- Integrated lighting controls

Smarter lighting control leads to smarter buildings.
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- Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Our LED lights helped the airport achieve LEED Gold ranking.
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- Advanced mobile hydraulic valves

Watch how our solutions help farmers improve yields.
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- Food safety

See how our filtration solutions help keep food safe.
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- Blueline blueberry harvester

Our hydraulic systems help reduce loss during harvest by up to 50%.
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- Safe backup power for farms

Power outages can be hazardous for agricultural businesses with livestock.
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- Data centers

With cloud computing on the rise, energy efficiency is more important than ever. 
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- Increasing engine efficiency

Our cylinder deactivation system is the most direct way to reduce CO2 emissions.
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  • Our modular microgrid energy system leverages industry-leading substation hardware and efficiently scales to meet a wide range of applications.
    Learn more about microgrid energy systems.
  • See how microgrids help facilities store low-cost, off-peak energy for use during the daytime, reducing peak demand.
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  • See how microgrids using renewable energy inputs can help reduce variations in energy generation, called energy firming.  
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  • LEDs use up to 80 percent less energy. Learn more about how we can help prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
  • We expect green buildings to be energy efficient. But today's thinking also considers how the building's environment affects the people within. Learn more about green building trends for college campuses.
  • Lighting fixtures are one of the most available, accessible and important entry points into an intelligent building system. Learn how smarter lights lead to smarter buildings.
  • Safety is a big priority, especially at the third largest airport in Europe. Learn how we helped Frankfurt Airport us 70 percent less energy.
  • Our LED lights are helping Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, India, reduce energy consumption and heat waste. Learn how we helped the airport achieve LEED Gold ranking.