A Circuit Breaker For Less (CA)
A Contact Electric Supply Inc (Houston, TX)
A to Z Circuit Breakers (Anaheim, CA)
AAA Electrical Equipment aka Armen Electric (CA)
Ace Breakers Controls & Demo (CA)
Affordable Equipment Inc (PA)
Albany Industrial Supply Inc (Albany, NY)
All Breakers Inc (CA)
All Circuit Breakers (CA)
All Current (Camden, NJ)
All Electric Needs (CA)
All Ready Circuit Breaker Inc (Northridge, CA)
Allemand Electric Company (Rohnert Park, CA)
American Circuit Breaker Corp. (New London, NC)
Anchor Distribution and Control (FL)
Any Breaker, Inc (CA)
Any Electric, LLC (TN)
Arck Electrical Supply (Rockledge, FL)
Arizona Breaker and Switch (AZ)
Arkansas Electrical Outlet (AR)
Astro Controls (Irving, TX)

B&B Trading (Webster, MA)
Bay Breakers Inc. (San Jose, CA)
BCS Switchgear Inc (Sanger, TX and North Tazwell, VA)
Belyea Company Inc (Easton, PA)
Bernard & Sons Inc (CA)
Breaker, Breaker
Breaker and Control Company Inc (Houston, TX)
Breaker Brokers Inc. (Arlington, TX)
Breaker Hunters, Inc (Richlands, VA)
Breaker Service Company (CO)
Breakers Unlimited (Noblesville, IN)
Brooklyn Breakers and Controls (Brooklyn, NY)
Brooklyn-Queens Electric Corp (Brooklyn, NY)
Bruce Electrical Equipment Corporation (Lindenhurst, NY)
Buy Electrical Surplus (Wichita Falls, TX)

C&R Sales (Webster, TX)
California Breakers Inc CBI (Vista, CA)
Calkins Electric Supply (Shawnee, KS)
CAMCO (Seattle, WA)
Central Valley Electric Supply (Sacramento, CA)
Central Valley Electric Supply (Stockton, CA)
Circuit Breaker Sales (Gainesville, TX)
Circuit Breaker Service (See Bay Breakers)
Circuit Breakers 4 LE$$ (San Fernando, CA)
City Circuit Breakers (Santa Ana, CA)
Coastal Breaker and Controls (Houma, LA)
Connecticut Breaker Company (CT)
Connecticut Electric
Corona Circuit Breakers (Corona, CA)
County Circuit Breaker (CA)

D&F Liquidators (Hayward, CA)
Denver Breaker & Supply (Denver, CO)
Diversified Electric Services (Seymour, CT)
Duval Electric and Breaker Sales (CO)

Eagle Circuit Breaker (Lawrenceville, GA)
Edison Electrical Surplus (Riviera Beach, FL)
Electric Barn (Somersworth, NH)
Electric Motor Supply Company (MN)
Electrical Engineering and Service Company Inc (Holbrook, MA)
Electrical Equipment Corporation of Virginia (VA)
Electrical Outlet (Noblesville, IN)
Electrical Power and Control (AL)
Electrical Redesign Company (ERCO)
(Houston, TX)
Electrical Redesign Company Inc (Houston, TX)
Electrical Service Products Inc (Spokane, WA)
Electrical Surplus LLC (RI)
ERCO (Houston, TX)
E-T-A Circuit Breakers (Mount Prospect, IL)
Excess Electrical

Fargo Electric (Clarence Center, NY)
Flexotek Inc (Brooklyn, NY)
Florida Breaker and Electrical Surplus (FL)

Globe Electric Supply (Long Island City, NY)
GTB Industrial Network, INC (AKA GINI see also ASIAPHIL)

House of Breakers (Las Vegas, NV)
Houston Breakers

IER (Wolf Industries) Humble, TX
Industrial Control and Supply (Whittier, CA)
Industrial Exchange (Atlanta, GA)
Innovative Electrical Solutions
Innovative Electrical Solutions
Instel Power Products (Simpsonville, SC)
Interspan (Canada)

J & S Circuit Breakers (Los Angeles, CA)
Jolen Services (West Caldwell, NJ)
JRL Electric Supply (San Fernando, CA)

Kansas City Circuit Breaker (Kansas City, MO)

Las Vegas Circuit Breakers (Las Vegas, NV)
LENCO (Fraser, MI)
LiveWire Electrical Supply (San Francisco, CA)
Lonestar Breaker and Control (Dallas, TX)
Louisiana Breakers LLC (LA)
Luckow Circuit Breakers (Santa Ana, CA)

M&J Electrical Supply (TX)
Maine Circuit Breaker (Brewer, ME)
Malta Supply (Clifton Park, NJ)
MD Electric (NY)
ME Lighting & Electric Inc (FL)
Miami Breaker, Inc. (Miami, FL)
Miane Circuit Breaker
Midwest Switchgear Division (Milwaukee, WI)
Midwest Switchgear Division (Neenah, WI)
Mister Breaker (Denver, CO)
Monday Mart (IN)
MV Liquidators (CA)

National Breaker Services (Derby, CT)
National Circuit Breaker (RG Industries)
National Power Equipment (Brook Park, OH)
National Switchgear Systems (Lewisville, TX)
Nationwide Electrical Supply (Richmond, VA)
Nevada Circuit Breaker (Nevada)
A CBS Company Nevada Distribution (Las Vegas, NV)
Nevada Distribution, Inc (Las Vegas, NV)
North American Breaker Co. NABCO (North Hollywood, CA)
North American Switchgear (Cleveland, OH)
North Arkansas Breaker and Controls (Paragould, AR)
Northwest Circuit Breaker (Washington)

Obsolectric Inc (Port Charlotte, FL)
Orange County Circuit Breakers (Anaheim, CA)
Oregon Breakers (Portland, OR)

P&F Supply Company (Grand Rapids, MI)
Pacific Coast Breaker (McClellan, CA)
Pioneer Breaker and Control (TX)
PM Sales Company Inc (Chicago, IL)
Power Distribution and Controls, Inc (Atlanta, GA)
Power Point Electrical (MI)
Powerup Surplus, Inc (Houston, TX)

Quality Switchgear (Gainesville, TX)

Radwell International / PLC Center (Lumberton, NJ)
RCM Sales (IN)
Relectric.com (RESA Power Systems)
REM Electric (Wellfleet, NE)
RG Industries, LLC (Los Angeles area, CA)
RNT Supply Inc (MI)
Rocky Mountain Electrical (Denver, CO)
Romac Supply (Commerce, CA)
Rosen’s Electric Equipment (Los Angeles area, CA)

Salinger Electric Company Inc (Troy, MI)
Satin America Corporation (Shelton, CT)
Scott Electric
SC Electric Inc (St. Charles, MO)
Seattle Circuit Breaker (Washington)
SFO Representatives (San Carlos, CA)
Sierra Circuit Breaker (Auburn, CA)
Southern Electric Services (Norcross, GA)
Southland Electric Supply (Burlington, NC)
Standard Circuit Breakers aka Pacific CBs
Surplus Material Network Inc (SC)
Switchgear Solutions AZ
Switchgear Solutions CA
Switchgear Solutions UT
Switchgear Unlimited (FL)

Tampa Bay Breaker and Control (Oldsmar, FL)
Texas Breakers & Starters (Houston, TX)
The Electrical Outlet (Arvada, CO)
Transamerican Equipment Company (AL)
Triple C Electric LLC

United Circuit Breakers (CA)
Upstate Breaker
US Electric Supply (Atlanta, GA)
Utah Breakers & Supply (UT)

Weaver Electric (Denver, CO)
Weaver Electric Company (Denver, CO)
Western Enterprises (Riverside, CA)
Western States Circuit Breakers (Idaho Falls, ID)
Westport Apparatus (Orange, CA)
Widespread Electrical

Yukon Corporation (Wilmington, CA)