Power Xpert XGISTM


Width Height Depth
1250A 600 mm
(23.6 in)
2700 mm
(106.3 in)
1800 mm
(70.87 in)
2000A 800 mm
(31.5 in)
2700 mm
(106.3 in)
1800 mm
(70.87 in)

Three position switch viewing window

Increase safety by allowing the operator to visually confirm the position of the three position switch using the viewing window. Optional camera system available upon request.

Three position disconnect switch

The linear type three position disconnect switch offers the safety of grounded/earthed position in addition to open and closed positions.

Vacuum circuit breaker

Utilizing Eaton’s world class vacuum interrupters for reliable and consistent operations.

Cable connections

Location for installation and removal of cable connections. T‑body connector also allows for lightning arresters, additional voltage transformers and window‑type, cable side CTs. Cable terminations for 1250 A or below, up to 3 cables per phase and amperages above 1250 A, up to 6 cables per phase.

Low voltage connections

Low voltage connections for controls and protection that can be designed to meet customer’s specifications.

Sealed tank

The sealed tank, rated IP65, contains the circuit breaker and three position disconnect switch. The equipment is insulated using SF6 gas. Sealed tanks isolate the primary live parts from contaminants and reduce maintenance requirements. Tanks are machine welded at the factory and sealed for life. Tanks do not require any on-site gas filling. Optional connections for top mounted voltage transformers are also available.

Mechanical indicator

Breaker and three position disconnect switch are equipped with mechanical indicators that can be utilized even when doors are open and the equipment is de-energized.

Manual spring charge lever

Manual spring charge lever offers the operator the ability to operate the breaker when control power is not available or if there is a maintenance issue that prevents the use of the motor. The mechanism is located outside of the sealed tank.

Top mounted VTs

Fused and non-fused VTs are available for top mounted location with isolation switch. Cabled connected fused and non-fused VTs are also available for bottom or remoted locations provide application flexibilities.

Painted steel enclosure

Painted 3 mm thick steel enclosure provides extra strength, available with IP4X rating.

Controls and indicating lights

Breaker and three position switch controls are exterior mounted with indicating lights for easy access. The breaker and three position switch are interlocked to prevent them from being operated out of sequence.

Main bus

Shielded and grounded solid insulation main bus system provides a modular bus design that allows for field install or replacement and does not require any onsite gas filling. The bus design allows for CTs to be installed directly on the bus.

Optional active mimic diagram

Optional active mimic diagram to show the status of breaker and three position disconnect switch.

Multi-point latch

Multi-point latch with single 90 degree-turn for quick operations.

Integral exhaust plenum

Integral exhaust plenums remove the need for bulky plenums to be installed on the top of the equipment. Reducing the overall height of the equipment and allowing for easier installation.

Single tank design

Solid shielded insulated system eliminates the need for a second tank, drastically reducing the number of welds and seals for more reliable consistent performance.

Arc rated cable compartment

Arc rated cable compartment does not need to discharge arc-gas into the cable vault. Reduces the chance of propagating damages, and increased safety.

Low voltage protection and metering panel

Panel space available to mount customer specified protection, metering and control devices.

Thru-the-door viewing window

Thru-the-door viewing window for efficient safe gas pressure readings.