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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines Eaton’s expectations regarding workplace standards and business practices. We require our suppliers to adhere to this Code.  Please make your employees aware of our Supplier Code of Conduct.  The Supplier Code of Conduct has been translated into multiple languages and may be downloaded from this website to share with your organization as appropriate.


Please take action:

The review and acceptance of the material contained within the Eaton Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct must be completed by an authorized representative of your company. Please access the on-line form to affirm your organization’s commitment to ethical business practices. To register your company's compliance to the Eaton Supplier Code of Conduct please click on below Survey Link. Please see our Supplier Letter below for more information.

Eaton Supplier Code of Conduct
Lieferanten-Verhaltenskodex von Eaton
Code de conduite des fournisseurs d’Eaton
イートンのSupplier Code of Conduct
이튼의 공급사 행동 강령
Kodeks Działania Dostawców Eaton
Código de Conduta para Fornecedores da Eaton
Código de Conducta de Proveedores de Eaton
Eaton Tedarikçi Davranış Kuralları