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Economic value

Generating economic value is a key responsibility to our stakeholders

While our primary objective is driving economic value for our shareholders, we recognize that long-term value creation will involve balancing the interest of all our stakeholders. Our ability to perform well financially also directly impacts our ability to achieve our entire set of environmental, social and governance performance goals.

Eaton manages economic value through our commitment to our stakeholders and strong performance across our operations

We generate economic value by:

  • Delivering superior products for our customers.
  • Making solid investments throughout our operations.
  • Minimizing costs where possible.
  • Growing our market presence around the world.

Our ability to innovate and anticipate customer needs creates our competitive advantage. Customers rely on us for safe and reliable products and solutions. To provide these solutions, we must maintain our commitment to quality and innovation. Our investments in these areas grow from sustained economic value.

Our fiduciary responsibility to shareholders drives our commitment to strong financial planning and careful fiscal decision-making. We aim to grow the value of our company for our shareholders.

Other stakeholders rely on us to perform financially. These important groups seek to enhance their economic vitality through the strength and stability of our company.

How we measure success

We evaluate our ability to provide economic value to stakeholders through financial analysis and planning.

Our shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders closely monitor our financial performance. Through transparent reporting practices, we provide financial data for review by these external parties. Internally, we benchmark our performance against our annual goals and aim to exceed market expectations.