Oil & Gas Exploration Hoses


Common applications include:
  • Petroleum based fluids, non-potable and salt water, fracturing solutions and slurries
  • Rotary drilling: portable drilling, work-over rigs and slim hole rigs
  • Transfer drilling mud or crude oil, and petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50%
  • Discharge of high pressure liquid mud, mineral oils, potable water, etc.

Addresses these engineering challenges:

  • Product available when and where it is needed – Global and regional availability
  • Optimize operating cost with single source solution – Part of the broad portfolio of products available from Eaton, offered with consolidated shipping and billing
  • Assistance at your fingertips – Global and regional customer service, engineering, technical, sales support, as well as a wealth of online tools to answer question relative to for complete range of Eaton products

Product Features

    • The “Bruiser” cover provides up to 700X greater abrasion resistance than our standard rubber hose cover resulting in fewer external failures . External abrasion is the primary failure mode in this application
    • Tube meets RMA Class A oil swell requirements (>25%) decreasing service failure in oil exposure applications as compared to a standard rubber tube material
  • EHP009 - OILFIELD VACUUM Hose- Corrugated cover reduces coefficient of friction drag, resulting in a hose that is easy to move and handle on the job site. Additionally, a smaller bend radius can achieved, as much as 33% compared to EHP500 smooth cover equivalent
  • EC556 blowout preventer hose system
    • Combines high-performing spiral-reinforced hose with special flame-resistant rubber and is qualified with our reliable 1W-ISC fittings (carbon steel and stainless steel)
    • Is rated for 350 bar (5000 psi) constant working pressure in all sizes ½" through 1 ½"
    • o Meets or exceeds the requirements of API 16D - minimum of 700°C (1300°F) for 5 minutes - and is certified by Lloyd's Registry
    • Specially-designed cover is abrasion-resistant and allows for greater flexibility and is easier to route than steel-armored offerings

Technical Information

Frac and Well Service:

  • Tube: Nitrile blend (RMA Class A)
  • Reinforcement: 4-ply polyester fabric
  • Cover: BRUISER™ abrasion resistant cover
  • Temp: -40°C to +93°C, (-40°F to +200°F)
  • Pressure: 28 bar / 400 psi

H0377 - Kelly Power Drilling Hose

  • Tube: Nitrile/Hypalon blend
  • Reinforcement: 4-spiral wire
  • Cover: Neoprene
  • Temp: -40°C to +121°C, (-40°F to +250°F)
  • Pressure: 207 bar / 3000 psi

Suction and Discharge Hoses:
EHP007 - Oilfield Suction Hose

  • Tube: Nitrile blend
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile synthetic textile - single steel helical wire; and
  • dual on 8” & 10” with an anti-static copper wire
  • Cover: Nitrile blend
  • Temp: -35°C to +70°C,(-31°F to +158°F)
  • Pressure: 10,5 bar / 150 psi

EHP009 - Oilfield Vacuum Hose

  • Tube: Nitrile blend
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile synthetic textile with
  • dual steel helical wires
  • Cover: Corrugated Synthetic rubber
  • Temp: -30°C to +80°C, (-22°F to +176°F)
  • Pressure: 10,5 bar / 150 psi

EHP002 - Oilfield Mud Suction & Discharge Hose

  • Tube: Synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile synthetic textile, single steel or
  • dual helical wires
  • Cover: SBR blend
  • Temp: -25°C to +70°C, (-13°F to +158°F)
  • Pressure: 10,5 bar / 150 psi

Discharge Hoses:
EHP003 - Heavy Duty Oilfield Liquid Mud Discharge Hose

  • Tube: CR blend
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile synthetic textile with anti-static copper wire
  • Cover: CR blend
  • Temp: -35°C to +80°C, (-31°F to +176°F)
  • Pressure: 41 bar / 600 psi

Potable Water Hoses:
EHF006 - Soft Wall Potable Water Discharge Hose

  • Tube: SBR blend
  • Reinforcement: High-tensile synthetic textile
  • Cover: EPDM
  • Temp: -30°C to +70°C, (-22°F to +158°F)
  • Pressure: 8,0-10,0 bar / 115-145 psi

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Additional Information

Supplier Crimp Specs are available for some of Eaton’s Industrial Hoses. To access this crimp solutions database, first select the hose you are interested in (on this page) and then click on "Supplier Crimp Specs" just right of the product image. Once in the tool, enter the wall thickness of your hose and the database will provide the fitting and ferrule or sleeve solutions along with the applicable crimp diameter.


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