Alternative Energy

Climate change, rising energy prices and finite fossil fuel resources make the switch to renewable energy a priority worldwide. We have to harness new sources of energy.

Operating globally, we’re uniquely placed to research, develop and implement the solutions which aid the necessary transition. Our portfolio of services covers every aspect of power management, while our collaborative approach means that learnings are shared across the organisation, for the benefit of all our clients.

As a leading supplier of products and services for renewable energy distribution and automation, we’re already active in controlling and safely monitoring many functions in renewable energy systems and plants. Our programmable logic controllers regulate photovoltaic power plants worldwide. In wind energy plants, Eaton switchgear safely and reliably switches and protects the electrical power generation systems. We’ve also developed contactors that guarantee problem-free connection to the power grid.

We continue to operate at the forefront of renewable energy technologies, delivering new solutions and working with customers to generate and utilise electrical power more efficiently, while improving environmental performance.